Amy Luong – amyluongggg Digital creator, Fitness trainer

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Name: Amy Luong / amyluongggg / Amyluong96

Nationality: Vietnam

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: August 14th

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube

Amy Luong, a dynamic digital creator, intertwines fitness, creativity, and advocacy to inspire her audience. A former marathon runner, she clinched second place in the 2015 Giant Race, showcasing her dedication to wellness. Graduating from UCLA in 2018, Amy exudes versatility as the brand ambassador for Young LA, Vqfit, Nvgtn, and Revealed Collective.

Beyond fitness, Amy’s artistic flair shines through her custom hand-painted shoes, displayed on her Insta page, amyscustomkicks. Her content spans from Christmas gift ideas to cooking videos featuring wholesome meals like chicken noodle soup and acai bowls. Family plays a significant role in her life, evident in heartfelt social media posts.

Amy shares her personal journey, from learning basketball in her “How to ball” series to advocating for acne normalization, fostering vulnerability with her followers. Alongside her partner, DJ Michael Kirby, she attends concerts, including the vibrant Life is Beautiful festival. Amy embraces her Asian heritage, celebrating cultural events like the Lunar New Year.

A voice for social causes, Amy supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) and imparts inspiring words on her platforms. With a substantial following, Amy’s influence extends to over 295.2K followers, 12.4M likes, and 222K followers, showcasing her impactful presence in the digital realm.

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Amy Luong aka Amyluong96 and her boyfriend giving power couple vibes

Amy Luong aka Amyluong96 and her friend excited about graduating

Amy Luong aka Amyluong96 has the brightest smile and the perfect make up look

Amy Luong aka Amyluong96 takes a cute car selfie

Amy Luong aka amyluongggg and her family looking good in their fits

Amy Luong aka amyluongggg attends a friends wedding with her boyfriend

Amy Luong aka amyluongggg glowing in a sky blue dress

Amy Luong aka amyluongggg wearing her custom sneakers she painted

Amy Luong flexing in sportswear from Vqfit

Amy Luong is all smiles in a cute green top and jeans

Amy Luong looking like a bad ass in cargo pants and a cute black top (1)

Amy Luong wearing a gym fit from YoungLA

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