Susanna Giovanardi – Tennis Player, Model

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Name: Susanna Giovanardi

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: July 3rd, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Susanna Giovanardi is a fantastic tennis player who stands out for her swift movements, a knack for winning against opponents, and fierce spirit of competition. She plays two significant roles in her life, which is a unique representation of knowledge and good health altogether. This young lady shows courtesy as well as perseverance when playing tennis, she never stops searching for ways to become better. She also has a PhD in motor science and sports administration.

Along with that, she symbolizes health and beauty, showing off her flawless figure and solid trust. Susanna Giovanardi frequently uses bikini pictures to bring out her attractive features. Digital sunshine highlights her flawless beauty and stunning curves when she shows up. What really stands out is a flat, firm waist and long legs, which give off an appealing, youthful vibe. She may create a varied and striking appearance by experimenting with colors and styles, from traditional bikinis to special and cutting-edge designs.

Numerous well-known labels, like Tod’s, Gucci, Moschino, Yamamay, and Dolce & Gabbana, have selected Susanna Giovanardi to represent them. Her attractiveness and sense of style draw attention, as well as add allure and uniqueness to every product she promotes.

She reflects style, charisma, and a fascinating personality. For this reason, a large number of her peers and well-known figures, like Emamur and Eros Ramazzotti, offered their backing to her. When Andrea Preti is the love interest of this model, their love story becomes even more one of a kind. Since her significant other is a well-known actress, this makes them a stunning and radiant duo in the entertainment industry. The combination of the fashion and film industries makes this duo a hot topic for the media and followers.

A beautiful girl born in 1999 you may refer to Leonaito22

Susanna Giovanard stated on Instagram that she enjoyed sweet dishes when attending Dolce & Gabbana events

Susanna Giovanard have a passion for travelling. She frequently shares beautiful photos on social networks.

Susanna Giovanard embodies her feminine and seductive form in a gorgeous blue outfit.

Susanna Giovanard proudly flaunts her flawless figure everywhere she goes in her sensual, form fitting gowns.

Susanna Giovanard's blonde hair and appealing eyes are what draw attention to her face.

Susanna Giovanard at the Gucci event, dressed gently yet sexily

Susanna Giovanard has an elegant wardrobe and a tall, slender build when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana events

Susanna Giovanard and her boyfriend openly displayed their love for one another at the beach beneath the setting sun

Susanna Giovanard believes that meeting the people she loves has been a great blessing.

Susanna Giovanard is an upbeat person with an in depth knowledge of sports and a desire to help others

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