Liza_wdmn – Liza.wei : Fashion model and influencer

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Name: Liza_wdmn / Liza.wei

Nationality: Germany

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Green Hazel

Date of Birth: September 18th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Instagram / TikTok

Liza_wdmn, who has over 228K followers on Instagram, is well-known for spreading fashion knowledge through how-to videos. This girl has a refined and alluring visual thanks to her large, round eyes and features, which highlight her natural appeal. Her confidence and excellent sense of style can be seen in the manner she exudes. She frequently shows up in pictures putting on elegant yet modest clothing with fine fabrics and subtle shapes. Her sense of style is a classy and classic blend of white and beige tones.

Also, Liza can effortlessly switch between a variety of looks, from elegant to sensual, putting on a show that is sure to turn heads. She collaborates with several well-known fashion labels, including  Polene, Revolve, HM, Jacquemus, NA-KD, Pretty Little Thing. She can change to fit the unique needs of any brand and add outstanding creative value to any marketing campaign. As a guest of Milano Fashion Week, Liza got the chance to meet with several different fashion labels.

In addition to being a representation of beauty, Liza_wdmn is also an elite individual who takes pleasure in living a life of luxury. She has a special style and outstanding fashion taste. She frequently takes pleasure in trips to well-known upscale resorts. Liza frequently dresses in the best way to present her attractiveness and sensation of style, whether she’s on gorgeous beaches or on the green resort surroundings. She frequently shares her unusual foodie experiences through images on social media. Tasty meals in a refined setting were a key aspect of her holiday experience.

A girl born in 1999 you can refer to Megan Bair

Liza wdmn dressed simply in black and white in the snow.

Liza wdmn took a lovely and delicate pose while wearing a basic white outfit.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei smiles as sweetly as a blossoming flower.

Liza wdmn boldly took selfies with her pretty face and enchanting eyes.

Liza wdmn regularly supports high profile businesses' fashion campaigns.

Liza wdmn is attractive to all people thanks to her perfect height and thin body.

Liza wdmn looked as gorgeous as a princess dressed in a colourful gown.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei has a delicate beauty style but her stunning face makes her stand out.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei likes the colour white and she frequently dresses in it.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei looked forward to fall and loves to share pictures of herself.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei set alluring and lovely poses on the beach.

Liza wdmn aka Liza wei poses for pictures in Mallorca at twilight while dressing in a bright bodysuit.

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