Daniela Vantaggiato – Fashion stylist

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Name: Daniela Vantaggiato / daniela.vant

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Blonde / Brunette

Eye Color: Green Hazel

Date of Birth: April 17th, 1984

Zodiac Sign: Aries


Daniela Vantaggiato is a creative fashion specialist with a beautiful appearance, serving as a major source of inspiration in the fashion industry. She always knows to find a way to combine different trends and styles, creating wonderful and stylish outfits. On Instagram, she not only appears to be refreshing and sensual, she also gives many helpful and amazing beauty tips.

With her own impact on the fashion industry, Daniela usually appears on TV’s channels to share and give some pieces of advice about how to dress nicely. She used to be an Economics major in Textile and Garment Technology at Rome. Moreover, she often attends at numerous events to promote luxury brands such as Dior, LV, Balmain, and Gucci.

Additionally, there’s a unique thing about Daniela is that she is a brilliant soccer analyst with great enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the game of soccer. With a confident and cool look, she’s always at the center of all sports-related programming on the 7Gold Sport channel. She is skilled at analyzing the state of the game, team strategies, and identifying standout players. Her confidence and decisiveness in public speaking enable her to make engaging remarks and draw in a sizable audience.

Surprisingly, Daniela Vantaggiato is a renowned businesswoman. She currently has a bikini fashion shop which she is the founder and creator of all the designs. Every single bikini model is handpicked to bring out the confidence in ladies who wear them. She also frequently collaborates with designer labels and plans events to advertise her business.

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Daniela Vantaggiato shows her elegant and unique sense of style

Daniela Vantaggiato made an appearance wearing a rare gown and blue hair

Daniela Vantaggiato aka Daniela vant has a never ending passion for football

Daniela Vantaggiato aka Daniela vant struck an appealing and dynamic posture

Daniela Vantaggiato aka Daniela vant put on a variety of brightly colored gown

Daniela Vantaggiato aka Daniela vant sexily displays her amazing body lines

Daniela Vantaggiato shot really attractive pictures in her charming white dress

Daniela Vantaggiato shot really attractive pictures in her charming white dress (2)

Daniela Vantaggiato aka Daniela vant enjoyed an excellent supper in New York.

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