Anastasia_Vrtk: Instagram Model Sharing Beauty, Love, and Dance

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Name: Anastasia_vrtk / Anastasia_vrtk_reserv

Nationality: Ukraine

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: May 7th, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Hailing from Ukraine, Anastasia_vrtk is more than just an Instagram model; she’s a captivating presence that shines through her radiant posts. Her connection with her family, particularly her mom, Elena, is evident in a few heartwarming Instagram photos, reflecting the bonds that ground her.

Love also plays a significant role in her life, with her heart belonging to Yura Kopus, a connection sparked by a fateful encounter in Kyiv. Anastasia’s Instagram reveals her passions—flowers, especially receiving a grand rose bouquet, warms her heart. She finds solace in simple pleasures, sipping tea, enjoying white wine, and savoring sunsets.

But beyond her beauty, Anastasia is a talented dancer, known for her grace even in high heels. Her pet cat adds a touch of warmth to her life. Anastasia’s Instagram is a tapestry of beauty, love, and grace, inviting followers to share in her world of passion, elegance, and heartfelt connections.

Zo.qut is another instagram model from Ukraine. Anastasia and Zo.qut took a few photos together.

anastasia_vrtk asks fans if they like her new curly hair

anastasia_vrtk celebrating 100k followers on instagram

anastasia_vrtk enjoys dinner watching sunset

anastasia_vrtk having lunch date with boyfriend yura kopus

anastasia_vrtk received a beautiful rose boutique

anastasia_vrtk taking photo before dinner

anastasia_vrtk taking selfie during golden hours

anastasia_vrtk taking selfie photos with her friend zo.qut

anastasia_vrtk wearing swimsuit at a swimming pool

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