Antonia Kieselbach: Digital Creator, Model, and Wanderlust-Fueled Fashion Enthusiast

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Name: Antonia Kieselbach / antoniakieselbach

Nationality: Germany

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: August 16th, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram / Tiktok

Antonia Kieselbach, a talented digital creator, is a multifaceted personality known for her diverse content spanning fashion, hair, makeup, and skincare. Represented by Model Fabrick agency, she effortlessly combines her modeling skills with her creative prowess. Her artistic sensibilities extend beyond the digital realm, as she has explored the captivating world of art galleries.

Beyond her online presence, Antonia is a genuine pet lover, sharing her heart with both cats and dogs. Her adventurous spirit has led her to explore various corners of the globe, from Maldives to the culturally rich landscapes of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, the UK, France, and Greece. Antonia cherishes leisurely strolls along sandy beaches.

She has had the privilege of attending prestigious fashion events, such as Dior and Elie Saab shows. When it comes to dining out, she appreciates the ambiance of places like Hotel Costes.

Her fashion choices reflect a blend of high-street and chic, favoring brands like Ginatricot, H&M, Zara, Withjean, and BoohooMan, often adorned with elegant jewelry from Paul Hewitt. As a brand ambassador for Zalando and collaborator with haircare brands like Oceanspart and BaByliss, Antonia enjoys a thriving career with over 109k Instagram followers and 198.8k TikTok enthusiasts.

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Antonia Kieselbach aka antoniakieselbach has alluring blue eyes

Antonia Kieselbach aka antoniakieselbach ina neutral fit chilling by the beach

Antonia Kieselbach aka antoniakieselbach is gorgeous in a simple make up look

Antonia Kieselbach aka antoniakieselbach rocking pants from ginatricot a top from Zara and a jacket from boohoomanofficial

Antonia Kieselbach enjoying a walk by the beach in Maldives

Antonia Kieselbach in her lovely furry coat enjoying the winter sun

Antonia Kieselbach looking gorgeous in a cute dress at Casa Cook Samos

Antonia Kieselbach rocking a brown two piece that snatches her body perfectly

Antonia Kieselbach sun kissed making her skin glow

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