Christian Ricketts: Fitness Star and Multifaceted Entrepreneur

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Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts showing off fits he wore all week to school

Name: Christian swole Ricketts / swolericketts

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: May 12th, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Instagram / TiktokYouTube

Christian “SWOLE” Ricketts, the American bodybuilder and social media sensation, draws inspiration not only from his impressive physique but also from his parents’ journey. Born to George Ricketts, who immigrated from Jamaica to America at 16, and Raquel Ricketts, Christian has inherited a strong work ethic and determination. In a loving relationship with Cranon, a fitness model and coach, Christian’s personal and professional life is anchored in shared passion.

Beginning his fitness journey at 18, Christian’s dedication led him to win multiple bodybuilding titles. Notable achievements include his triumph at the 2023 NPC Branch Warren Houston Classic, securing 1st Place in True Novice, Novice, and Open Class C for Classic Physique, and 1st Place in True Novice, Novice, and 2nd Place in Open Class E for Men’s Physique. His success continued at the 2023 Summer Shredding Championship, where he claimed 1st Place in Classic Class D and 2nd Place Overall.

Christian is not only a Gymshark athlete, favoring collections like Crossover, Critical, and Power, but he’s also the proud owner of the Swole Brand. As a brand ambassador for Myprotein, Better Brand, and Helimixco, he extends his influence beyond bodybuilding. With cooking videos, workout challenges, and collaborations with fitness influencers, Christian enriches his social media presence. A professional skier and Moshpit event enthusiast, he balances intensity with leisure, enjoying baecations in places like Miami and Hawaii. His TikTok boasts 455.3K Followers and 20.3M Likes, and he shares his workout playlist, “The Swole List,” on Spotify and Apple Music. Christian’s diverse interests, fitness achievements, and familial roots shape a multifaceted personality in the world of bodybuilding and social media.

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Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts and Canon looking cute together

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts enjoying his vacation in Hawaii

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts flexing in Miami Florida

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts gets second place overall at the 2023 Summer shredding competition

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts ready to workout in gymshark shorts

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts showing his Branch Warren Houston Classic wins

Christian swole Ricketts aka swolericketts shows his bicep gains

Christian swole Ricketts and his girlfriend Canon at Fusion gym

Christian swole Ricketts encourages people to make the most of 24hrs in his betterbrand shorts

Christian swole Ricketts giving couple goals by the pool

Christian swole Ricketts holding his summer shredding guest badge

Christian swole Ricketts in a gymshark shirt and his swole signature chain

Christian swole Ricketts in gtbbrand shorts flexing

Christian swole Ricketts rocking a hard drip with his LV belt

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