Claudia Kuparinen: A Fitness Enthusiast, Traveler, and Fashion Icon from Finland

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Name: Claudia Kuparinen / claudiaisabellaa

Nationality: Finland

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel Blue

Date of Birth: November 6th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Instagram / Website

Meet Claudia Kuparinen, the friendly fitness enthusiast and digital creator hailing from Finland. With over 335k Instagram followers and a whopping 550k TikTok fans, she’s a social media sensation. Claudia is not just about fitness; she’s a sunset lover and a party enthusiast, often seen at weekend festivals.

When she’s not breaking a sweat, Claudia stays active by playing tennis and indulging her passion for travel. She’s explored Greece, Spain, Dubai, and more beautiful destinations. Her website,, is your go-to fitness guide, offering workout plans, meal plans, a period tracker, a progress log, a mental library, and more for just 40 euros. She caters to diverse dietary needs with vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free meal plans.

Claudia’s not just a fitness guru; she’s also a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova and promotes other top brands like Lululemon,, and loungewear. Her love for maxi dresses reflects her laid-back yet fashionable personality. Connect with Claudia and make your fitness journey enjoyable and accessible.

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Claudia Kuparinen during her social media free holidays in Barcelona

Claudia Kuparinen’s Career

Claudia Kuparinen is a digital creator as she stated on her Instagram. She is also a fitness model and trainer. She created fashion, and fitness contents on Instagram. She makes money by selling her fitness training program and promoting various brands/products such as clothing, bikini and lingerie. Some of the popular brands she endorses are below:

  • Ohpolly
  • IcanIwill sportwear
  • Rebellious Fashion
  • Bubbleroom
  • Zara
  • PrettyLittleThing
  • White Fox Boutique
  • PopCherry
  • MadLady
  • Soufeel
  • Fashion Nova

Claudia Kuparinen enjoying her moments in Monaco

Claudia Kuparinen’s Family

Claudia keeps her family off of social media so we do not have any information on her family and her siblings. We do not know their names.

Claudia Kuparinen’s Dating

Claudia is currently in a relationship. She does not reveal her partner’s name.

Claudia Kuparinen feeling in her flare leggings from Icaniwill

Claudia Kuparinen’s Hobbies

Based on what Claudia shares on her Instagram, she is interested in:

  • Traveling
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Wellness
  • Skincare
  • Beauty
  • Beach
  • Watching sunset
  • Boat riding

Claudia Kuparinen flaunting in cute undies from loungewear

Common Q&A About Claudia Kuparinen

Where was Claudia Kuparinen born?

Claudia was born in Finland

What is Claudia Kuparinen’s birthday?

She was born on November 6th, 1999.

What is Claudia’s Zodiac sign?

Based on her birthday, she is a Scorpio.

How many siblings does Claudia Kuparinen have?

Claudia does not share any information on their siblings on social media, so we do not have any information of them.

What does Claudia Kuparinen do for living?

Based on what she shares on her Instagram, she is currently a digital creator. She makes a living by selling her workout program on her website and promoting various products on Instagram mostly clothing.

Is Claudia Kuparinen single?

Claudia is currently in a relationship. We do not know the name of her partner.

What does Claudia Kuparinen like to do?

Since Claudia is a digital creator and social media influencer, she likes to create contents online especially about fashion and fitness.

She loves talking about fashion, travel and working out. She was seen traveling around Findland, France, Greece, UAE,…etc

Claudia loves working out and staying in shape.

She loves doing makeup.

She loves watching sunset by the beach.

Claudia Kuparinen in all leather that she got from FashionNova

Claudia Kuparinen keeping warm in outfits from farfetch

Claudia Kuparinen showcasing her morning and evening routine

Claudia Kuparinen showing off beautiful body in suit pants from madladyse

Claudia Kuparinen taking pictures in her new home

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