Cristina Carmella Sharing Her Travelling And Fitness Lifestyle

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Name: Cristina Carmella / Cristinacarmellaa / CristinaCarmella / xxxtinacarmella

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Amber

Date of birth: November 10th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

InstagramTikTok / YouTube

Cristina Carmella, an Instagram model known for her striking flowy and curly ginger hair, lives life with a spirit of adventure. Her Instagram serves as a visual diary of her travels, highlighting her visits to various states in the US, from sunny California to bustling New York, and even internationally, where she explores captivating places like Italy, Greece, and the Caribbean.

The beach holds a special allure for Cristina, making it her go-to destination while on vacation. Her love for cats transcends borders, as she not only cares for her own pet but also embraces street cats during her travels.

Cristina’s playful side emerges as she channels her inner superhero, Spider-Man, delighting her fans with imaginative poses and costumes on Instagram. Fall and Halloween are her cherished seasons, and she dives headfirst into the festivities.

Beyond her love for travel and feline companions, Cristina extends her Instagram presence to promote various brands, showcasing her unique style and fitness journey. As a brand ambassador for YoungLA and Cutler Nutrition, she embodies a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Her academic achievements are equally impressive, culminating in her graduation from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in December 2021. Cristina’s Instagram is a vibrant collage of adventure, style, and self-expression, inviting followers to embark on journeys of discovery and inspiration with her.

cristina carmella having a drink in florence italy

cristina carmella having a pizza for lunch in Firenze Italy

cristina carmella looking stunning on the street in centro di firenze

cristina carmella celebrated her 23rd birthday at peddler's village

cristina carmella taking photo in milos island showing her beautiful curly ginger hair

cristina carmella taking photo in the garden wearing shirt from younglaforher

cristina carmella taking photo with a giant teddy bear on valentine's day

cristina carmella taking selfie and sending love to her instagram fans

cristina carmella wearing gym outfit from younglaforher

cristina carmella went on a picnic wearing outfit from younglaforher

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