Kedimari: Berlin’s Multidisciplinary Artist, Musician, Model, and LGBTQ+ Advocate

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Name: Kedimari / Kedi Mari / Maria /mariawithherlines

Nationality: Romania / Germany

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Hazel

Date of Birth: April 17th

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Instagram / YouTubeSoundCloudSpotify

Kedimari, the Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, shines in the creative world with her exceptional talent. Her artworks grace the Notagallery exhibition, leaving a lasting impression on art enthusiasts. In February 2022, she tied the knot with Purple.phase, a renowned music DJ and producer, in Copenhagen, Denmark, marking a beautiful union of art and music.

Kedimari’s artistic passion extends beyond painting, as she crafts mesmerizing dance/electronic music with a substantial following on Spotify. Her top track, “Kum (kedimari remake),” has garnered over half a million listens. On social media, she captivates 494k Instagram and 180k YouTube followers with her travel vlogs, workouts, art, and captivating storytimes.

A staunch LGBTQ+ supporter, Kedimari actively participates in pride month walks, celebrating diversity and love. She finds inspiration in museums like the Louvre in Paris and artistic wonders like the Trevi Fountain in Italy.

With a knack for modeling, Kedimari effortlessly dons brands like miista, Reebok, Bershka, Gucci, and more. She’s a connoisseur of artistic makeup and cosplays with a style that’s uniquely her own.

Outside of her creative pursuits, Kedimari enjoys the company of her two adorable dogs and maintains a healthy lifestyle with regular workouts. Kedimari is a true embodiment of artistry in every aspect of her life.

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Kedimari aka Kedi Mari at Bodrum in Mugla enjoying a drink by the pool

Kedimari aka Kedi Mari feeling comfy and cool in a fit from reebok

Kedimari aka Maria and her boyfriend Purple.Phase are the ultimate power couple

Kedimari aka Maria in a lovely dress from amormia_studio

Kedimari aka mariawithherlines giving joker vibes in her cool fit and perfect make up

Kedimari aka mariawithherlines and her boyfriend excited after tying the knot in Denmark

Kedimari in Berlin rocking a gucci fit

Kedimari in her element making an amazing painting

Kedimari looking cute next to her art pieces on her Birthday

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