Emma Woe – Emma.woe Fashion Influencer

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Name: Emma Woe / emma.woe / Emma.woee

Nationality: German / Belarus

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green Hazel

Date of Birth: September 19th, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Instagram / TikTok

Emma Woe, a German/Belarusian fashion influencer, has captivated a following of over 201,000 on Instagram with her content. Her profile features not only stylish outfits, but also glimpses into her culinary adventures, hairdo tutorials, and makeup routines.

Emma’s interests are diverse, spanning reading, boat rides, scenic views, cycling, and indulging in good food. Nature holds a special place in her heart, evident in her love for ocean views, flowers, plants and sunsets. She also has a dog who she loves dearly.

Emma is not just a fashion Influencer; she is also a wellness advocate. She works out and provides healthy food recommendations to her engaged audience. Her travels have taken her to destinations like Paris, Dubai, Italy, and Prague, adding a global flair to her Instagram.

Appreciating the finer things in life, Emma indulges in a variety of perfumes, from brands like Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Zara, and YSL. Her wardrobe boasts labels like Paris/64, Weekday, Rat&Boa, and Vehla, while her radiant makeup is attributed to renowned brands like Too Faced and Gisou. Emma shares her love for these brands, promoting them on her Instagram profile. Emma Woe’s Instagram is a cocktail of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

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Emma Woe aka Emma.woee taking a mirror selfie in a blue dress from Revolve

Emma Woe aka Emma.woe looking gorgeous in a black top and bag from Paris64

Emma Woe aka Emma.woee posing for a picture in a black dress and shades from Vehla

Emma Woe sitted outside in a dress from Zara and shoes from Guess

Emma Woe aka Emma.woe taking a mirror selfie in a tshirt from Adikted

Emma Woe aka Emma.woee looking gorgeous in green maxi dress from Oysho Emma Woe aka Emma.woee feeling pretty in a room full of plants with an outfit from Edicted

Emma Woe taking a mirror selfie in a necklase from Biwako

Emma Woe aka Emma.woe in a simple white dress and white headband eating strawberries

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