Enchanting Pavoxy aka Patrycja has a lovely Figure and Angelic Blue Eyes

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Name: Pavoxy / Patrycja / Pavoxyme

Nationality: Poland

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: 2002

Zodiac Sign: NA

Instagram / X / TikTok

Pavoxy, a native of Poland, has taken Instagram by storm with her magnetic charm. Her Instagram feed is a showcase of striking blue eyes and an alluring body, often through captivating selfies. Beyond the screen, she finds solace in watching ocean sunsets and shares her affection with her loyal Chihuahua companion.

A fitness enthusiast, Pavoxy diligently works out and documents her journey, inspiring fans with her progress. Occasionally, she promotes fitness clothing brands like NVGTN, Allure The Brand, and Alphalete, embodying a healthy lifestyle. Pavoxy’s allure lies not just in her beauty but in her dedication to well-being, making her a star worth following.

pavoxy aka Patrycja chilling by the beach looking like a doll

pavoxy aka Patrycja face card never declines

pavoxy aka Patrycja giving angelic vibes

pavoxy aka Patrycja is at a Farm house in Poland enjoying the lovely nature

pavoxy aka Patrycja looks gorgeous in a blue floral dress

pavoxy aka Patrycja taking cute selfies in her car

pavoxy has a beautiful fierce stare

pavoxy has the best side view

pavoxy is a pretty thing with adorable blue eyes

pavoxy looks good with pig tails and a cute make up look

pavoxy rocking grey work out leggings and a white top

pavoxy sunkissed looking like a real life disney princess

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