Evo.Madi: Revving Up Success in the World of Cars and Influence

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Name: Evo.Madi / Being.Madi

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Gray

Eye Color: Blonde

Date of Birth: 1996

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Instagram / TikTok / YouTube 

Evo Madi is a car enthusiast, entrepreneur and model who have gained over 130k followers. She is quite known for her passion for Japanese cars, especially her Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, she named Sophie. She also owns a Nissan 240sx and an Audi A3, and shares her automotive journey on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube customizing her cars with various accessories and parts often attending car meets and events.

She is an influencer, model, mental health advocate with her own brand, Endngrd Co. to spread awareness and positivity in the communities she is a part of. She is an ambassador for AirLift Performance, a company that specializes in air suspension systems. Some of the brands she promotes are Work Wheels, Status Racing, Living Proof, Integrated Engineering and Club Leader.

Evo Madi enjoys camping, hiking, travelling and exploring new places such as Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Hawaii. She loves animals, nature and currently in a relationship with Tyler, a car enthusiast and photographer. They often feature each other on their social media accounts and her sister who sometimes appears on her photos and videos.

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Being.Madi enjoying Southern California sunsets in the beach

Being.Madi in a 6 hour road trip with her sister

Being.Madi installing her new rotors she got from r1concepts

Being.Madi loving the canvas she got from @elite_wallart

Being.Madi winning an award for the best female driver

Evo.Madi.spending time with her little niece Lei

Evo.Madi promoting her comfy bucket seats from Thestatusracing

Evo.Madi satisfied with the OeM Upgrade from advancedclutch

Evo.Madi wearing her black oufit from the endngrdco

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