Giovanna Goglino: Model, Influencer and Family Bond

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Name: Giovanna Goglino

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: February 14th, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Instagram / TikTok 

Giovanna Goglino, an Italian fashion model and social media influencer, leads a life that balances fame and family. With 139k Instagram followers and a whopping 962k on TikTok, her online presence reflects her journey.

Her modeling career commenced early, with appearances in Barbie magazine during her childhood. Traveling is her muse, and she shares her adventures in Sri Lanka, France, Indonesia, Spain, and more. The allure of beaches and waterfalls captivates her spirit.

Giovanna’s family bonds are unbreakable, especially with her dad, brother Bubino, and her two sisters, Valentina and Francesca. Together, the sisters maintain a shared Instagram with over 124k followers, showcasing their sibling connection.

Her heart belongs to Ludovico Dagnoni, her current partner. Giovanna occasionally lends her influence to clothing brands like Pinko, Yamamay, Zara, Ohpolly, and Balenciaga on Instagram. TikTok brings her closer to her sisters, where they dance, sing, and enjoy various adventures. Giovanna’s life is a blend of fashion, family, and shared moments, resonating with many around the world.

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