Greta Galassi Miss World Italy 2015

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Name: Greta Galassi / gretagalassi_

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Instagram / TikTok 

Greta Galassi, a model and Miss World Italy 2015, has seamlessly transitioned from pageantry to the world of fashion, captivating over 94,500 followers on her verified Instagram account. Armed with a degree in Interpreting and Communication from IULM University, earned in December 2011, Greta is currently pursuing a master’s degree, showcasing her commitment to both education and her modeling career.

Beyond the runway, Greta’s interests encompass photography, fashion, and travel. Her adventures have taken her to Barcelona, Ibiza, Paris, Napoli, and the Maldives, providing a backdrop for her Instagram’s visually stunning narrative.

Greta’s elevated fashion sense is evident in her posts, featuring renowned brands like Chanel, Facchini, Avec Amour, Crema, Amae, and Nookie. Not just a wearer of luxury, she actively promotes these brands on her Instagram, aligning herself with high-end fashion and lifestyle.

Her Instagram serves as a curated gallery of her modeling prowess, adorned in exquisite fashion. Greta Galassi continues to carve her mark in the fashion industry, seamlessly blending her academic achievements, modeling career, and passion for aesthetics into a captivating online presence.

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Greta Galassi aka gretagalassi_ carrying a Chanel bag having pancakes for breakfast

Greta Galassi aka gretagalassi_ looking chic in jewelery from Didi Gioielli

Greta Galassi looking lovely in an outfit from Facchini creations

Greta Galassi posing for a picture in a bikini from Gl beachwear

Greta Galassi aka gretagalassi_ taking a selfie in a car

Greta Galassi in a black outfit from Avec Amour

Greta Galassi looking gorgeous in a white dress from Amae paired with a black YSL bag

Greta Galassi aka gretagalassi_ looking gorgeous in a pink outfit from Aniyeby

Greta Galassi on a boatride in a brown bikini from Crema

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