Haley Tay – Fitness Trainer and Influencer

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Name: Haley Tay / Haytayfitness

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Gray

Date of Birth: N/A

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Instagram / TikTok / YouTube 

Haley Tey, a fitness trainer and Influencer hailing from Colorado, has a substantial Instagram following of over 258,000. Her profile is a dynamic blend of fitness inspiration, try-on hauls for brands like Gymshark, and a look into her daily routines.

In her workout videos, Haley breaks down the number of repetitions for each workout, offering valuable insights into her fitness regimen. Her enviable toned physique is a testament to the hard work she invests in her body. Beyond workouts, she shares motivational messages, inspiring followers to better themselves.

Haley’s endorsement of brands like Ghost, Gymshark, Dfyne, BeAybl, Womens Best, and Blessed is reinforced by try-on hauls and personal use. Discount codes for these brands foster a community of trust. She frequents Vasa Fitness, Transform Gym, and Valhalla Training Grounds for her fitness routine.

Away from the gym, Haley finds joy in snowboarding and hiking, sharing snippets of her adventures. Her corgi dog, a frequent feature on her Instagram, adds a touch of warmth to her fitness-focused content.

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Haley Tay in the gym in a workout outfit from gym shark

Haley Tay aka Haytayfitness taking a mirror selfie in sporyswear from BEAYBL

Haley Tay looking happy in the gym with products from Ghost

Haley Tay looking pretty taking a mirror selfie

Haley Tay showing off her gains at Valhalla training grounds

Haley Tay aka Haytayfitness showing off her gains in sportswear from dfyne

Haley Tay in a two piece workout attire from Beaybl

Haley Tay aka Haytayfitness looking happy with her dog

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