Jessica Tran: BSN graduate, fitness influencer and obstacle racer

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Name: Jessica Tran / jayesssica

Nationality: Vietnam / Australia

Hair Color: Brunette / Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: January 2nd, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Instagram / TikTok

Jessica Tran, a Vietnamese / Australian graduate with a BSN from Chamberlain University in September 2023, seamlessly combines academic achievement with a thriving career in fitness. Commencing her fitness journey at 18, Jessica has become a prominent fitness model, influencer, and online coach, specializing in obstacle course racing. Certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, she empowers women through online programs.

In the digital realm, Jessica collaborates with renowned brands such as Alphalete, My Protein, and Gymshark. Her partnership with Alphalete showcases their diverse fitness apparel, featuring personal favorites like the Amplify Leggings and Motion Bra Top, accessible to her followers using the code “jessica.” Beyond fitness, Jessica’s brand affiliations extend to collaborations with Stale Milk.

Balancing her dynamic career, Jessica unwinds with a range of hobbies, including singing, dancing, surfing, and photography. Her diverse interests illuminate a vibrant and well-rounded persona, reflecting a holistic approach to both education and success in the fitness industry. Anchored in family values, Jessica Tran exemplifies a dedication to lifelong learning and a passion for a balanced, fulfilling life.

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jayesssica celebrates passing her exit exams for BSN

jayesssica flaunting a pair of alphalete mesh shorts

jayesssica living life at Fansipan Indochina Summit in Vietnam

jayesssica looking ecstatic on a gondola

jayesssica poses in alphalete sportswear

jayesssica with a beaming smile at the San Diego Zoo

Jessica Tran at a photoshoot with her family

Jessica Tran chilling at home taking fun selfies

Jessica Tran graduating with a BSN

Jessica Tran looking absolutely stunning as she attends a wedding

Jessica Tran looking dazzling in swimwear from whitefoxboutique

Jessica Tran modelling for alphalete in their sportswear

Jessica Tran taking sunset photos on a rooftop in an alphalete fit


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