Juliet Searle: Model, Prada Ambassador, Fashion Icon, Nature Enthusiast

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Name: Juliet Searle

Nationality: France

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: January 12th

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn


Juliet Searle, Celsa Alumni graduate, fashion model and brand ambassador, has captured the hearts of over 122k Instagram followers with her impeccable style and beauty tips. Her profile is a treasure trove of stunning fashion looks, skincare secrets, and mesmerizing makeup tutorials.

Juliet’s influence extends far beyond the digital realm, as she’s graced the pages of prestigious magazines like BIBA and Marie Claire. Beyond her glamorous career, she’s a devoted dog lover and an avid traveler, exploring exotic destinations like Bali and India.

A dedicated Lana Del Rey fan, Juliet also channels her energy into swimming and Pilates to stay fit. Her wardrobe is a testament to her high fashion taste, often featuring Prada, Sezane, and Rouje, complemented by jewelry from Cohearted and Tatiana Verstraeten.

When not in the spotlight, Juliet enjoys tranquil walks in nature and indulging in culinary delights. With her multifaceted interests and striking presence, Juliet Searle is a true fashion icon and lifestyle enthusiast.

Juliet Searle in a chill dress by sezane touring Nice

Juliet Searle devours a red lipstick with her cute dress from Ann&line

Juliet Searle graduation day at Celsa University

Juliet Searle holding lovely flowers from jinling_sun

Juliet Searle is pretty in a make up look by slmakeupandhair

Juliet Searle looking stunning in a fit from Ann&line

Juliet Searle rocking a blouse from sezane and jewelery from Tatiana Verstraeten

Juliet Searle rocking jewelry by Tatiana Verstraeten and a make up look by slmakeupandhair

Juliet Searle takes a stunning selfie

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