Justyna Zednikova: Miss Czech Republic 2023, Nonprofit Volunteer And Fashion Mogul

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Name: Justyna Zednikova / Justyna.zednikova

Nationality: Czech

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel Blue

Date of Birth: August 5th, 2002

Zodiac Sign: Leo


In the spotlight as the 2023 Miss Czech Republic, Justyna Zednikova is more than just a beauty queen; she’s a fashion enthusiast. Featured in numerous fashion, lingerie, and bridal magazines, her elegance graces the pages, captivating readers in Czech and worldwide.

Beyond the runway and glossy pages, Justyna collaborates with talented photographers to showcase local brands like Beach Swan, Planthe Laboratory, and Derza. Her influence breathes life into these brands, infusing them with style and sophistication.

Justyna Zednikova’s journey from beauty queen to fashion ambassador is a testament to her charm, grace, and ability to inspire both on and off the stage. She’s a shining star in the world of fashion and beauty.

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Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova at doubletreemarjanisland in a bikini and cover up from beach_swan

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova bold make up look by alina_shablii

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova and her boyfriend are a match made in heaven

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova giving cleopatra vibes in an outfit from derzacz

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova in a neon dress by samdolceofficial

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova in a swim suit from beach_swan

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova is the miss grand czech republic winnner

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova ready to work out in gymiocz sportswear and shoes by stevemaddenczech

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova top 20 finalist shoot in an outfit from laho_atelier

Justyna Zednikova aka Justyna.zednikova using plantthelaboratories serum

Justyna Zednikova attending the progresusinvestholding in a blue dress from zzanalesakcerna_designer


Justyna Zednikova beautiful desert shorts in an outfit put together by samdolceofficial and make up by yana_st__

Justyna Zednikova dressed by derzacz and samdolceofficial

Justyna Zednikova has lovely hair thanks to the touch of profbeauty

Justyna Zednikova looks magical in a pink dress matching the flowers background

Justyna Zednikova modeling for missczechrepublic styled by samdolceofficial

Justyna Zednikova posing perfectly looking ravising thanks to the amazing vitali.bara

Justyna Zednikova rocking a lovely pink dress from dolcederza

Justyna Zednikova walks the missczecgrepublic runway looking fierce

Justyna Zednikova with a nice face beat by ruslanarezerv.stor and hair by perfectlook_byolga

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