Karolina Skowerska – конкурс красоты, мисс Польша

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Name: Karolina Skowerska / Karolina Na Morzu

Nationality: Poland

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: July 3rd, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / YouTube

Karolina Skowerska has a stunning appearance, charisma, and remarkable ability, which makes her an exceptional opponent in beauty contests. Her exceptional social and communication abilities have also contributed to her reputation as a young, intelligent, and successful icon. Undoubtedly, she truly deserved to place in the top 15 when she represented Poland in the Miss Supertalent of the World 2022 competition. Additionally, she was named the 2019 Miss Województwa Świętokrzyskiego.

Besides, Karolina is a very open-minded woman who frequently posts images of her everyday activities on social media. She is such a charming and pretty woman that attracts over 168K followers and fan on her Instagram.

Karolina is a motivation for many people because of her remarkable creative talent and intellectual demeanor. She has gained certain achievements in both the fashion and film industries with her attractive features, dazzling eyes, and bright smile. Karolina Skowerska used to study painting and sculpture at Art School, from which she graduated. She engaged in several photography and film competitions and was in the running to win the top prize at one of the film festivals.

Karolina has a fantastic combination of originality and elegance in her style. She frequently selects items from well-known labels, showcasing her excellent sense of style and talent for color arrangement. It’s her true talent to be able to add glamour and appeal to whatever she wears. Karolina frequently works as an ambassador for reputable companies like Shein and Reneegirls, which raises the value of the brand. She is a model that businesses want to use to project a luxurious and stylish image because of her ability to produce amazing photographs for advertising campaigns.

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Karolina Skowerska in a bold pink bikini from Shein in Nosy Be

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu looked adorable in a pink dress

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu having a dinner party held on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu with her gorgeous long blonde hair

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu looked stunning in a long black dress

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu boldly showcased her body line through dresses

Karolina Skowerska even put on a lovely white outfit in snowy weather

Karolina Skowerska had fantastic trip at Nosy Be

Karolina Skowerska aka Karolina Na Morzu posed with charisma and power in this photo

Karolina Skowerska experienced a memorable cruise to the United Arab Emirates

Karolina Skowerska showed off her dynamic and active look through an outfit of Reneegirls

Karolina Skowerska represented the well known brand Shein by putting on a stunning blue bodycon dress

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