Laura Vanessa’s Radiant Lifestyle and Fashion Odyssey

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Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w flaunting her cute pink outfits

Name: Laura Vanessa / lauravanessa_w

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: October 25th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Instagram / Tiktok  / YouTube  

Laura Vanessa, the Colombian digital influencer, radiates creativity in the realms of fashion and lifestyle, captivating her audience with a blend of elegance and adventure. Married to Happy Buck, Laura holds a degree in teaching foreign languages but bravely traded her 9 to 5 for a full-time commitment to content creation, where she openly shares her past experience as an au pair.

As a devoted brand ambassador for Showpo, Laura dazzles her followers with spring outfit hauls, featuring a diverse array of styles from short white flowy dresses to sophisticated pink suits. Her collaboration portfolio extends to esteemed jewelry brands like Evry Jewels and Julz Junkie, showcasing her versatile taste.

Laura Vanessa’s fashion choices are a fusion of popular brands, including Zara, OOTD, American Style, Coccole, Ela, and Lulus. Beyond being a style icon, she advocates for beauty and wellness, partnering with skincare brands like Averr Aglow, makeup brands like Merit, and bag brands like Cuyana and Coach, along with vitamin brands like Ritual.

With a commitment to fitness, Laura Vanessa showcases her workout routines in gym fits from Alo, TLF Apparel, and Set Activate. She proudly represents Lulus and Marshalls, encouraging self-cultivation in her engaging content. Laura enjoys the finer things in life, from cocktails to day drinking, all while maintaining her love for flowers. Her exciting journeys to destinations like the Amalfi Coast and Grotto Palazzese in Italy and Paris add an adventurous touch to her vibrant lifestyle. With 51.5K followers and 1.1M likes on TikTok, Laura Vanessa continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w giving fairy vibes in Amali Italy

Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w in an animal print fit from kohls

Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w looking gorgeous in a simple makeup look using Macy's products


Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w looking loovely on V day in her revolve fit

Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w takes a cute selfie at the Newyork subway

Laura Vanessa aka lauravanessa_w wearing a top from zara and pants from nastygal

Laura Vanessa giving glamour in her pink coat from Zara

Laura Vanessa in a midnight blue hoodie from Zara

Laura Vanessa relaxing in a cute fit paired with her pink coach bag

Laura Vanessa rocking a fit from pullandbear

Laura Vanessa romantisizing her life in a red dress from zara

Laura Vanessa wearing a black top and blue jeans from revolve

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