Lorena Schuett: Actor, Social Media Influencer, and Beauty Brand Promoter

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Name: Lorena Schuett / lalinalena

Nationality: Thailand

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Date of Birth: November 25th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Instagram / TikTok 

Lorena Schuett, who goes by Lalinalena on Instagram, is a prominent Thai actor. Her social media presence speaks volumes, boasting 387k followers on Instagram, an astonishing 1.4 million followers on TikTok, and an impressive 16.6 million likes. This online fame has earned her a paid partnership with Eucerin Thailand, a leading name in dermatological skincare.

Her cinematic journey includes roles in noteworthy films like “Mae Liang,” “A Tale of Ylang Ylang,” “Sanae Rak Nang Cin,” and “Devil in Law,” to name just a few. Lorena’s academic background is in entertainment and communication, which she skillfully employs to engage her audience.

Beyond her acting career, Lorena is an avid traveler and photographer, capturing moments in captivating destinations. Her culinary curiosity leads her to high-end establishments such as Lakorn European Brasserie, a venue adorned with traditional Thai dance-inspired décor.

Adding to her repertoire, Lorena shares her brewing expertise at Guida Drip Bar, showcasing her multifaceted talents. She adores her cat and dog pets, often sharing delightful photos with her furry companions.

While Lorena has explored diverse destinations, Ontario, Canada, holds a special place in her heart. Her influence extends to the beauty industry, promoting renowned brands like Dior, Lorea Paris, Qloe, Panpuri, Elemis Thailand, and Bobbi Brown in Thailand. Her favorite products include Prestige le Nectar Premier and Prestige la Micro Huile de Rose Advanced Serum. With grace and charm, Lorena Schuett continues to shine in the entertainment and beauty worlds.

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Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena looks beautiful on her black swim suit

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena always has a taste when it comes to taking pics

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena has a routine for her skincare products

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena has a thing with dior beauty products

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena has paid partnership with Eucerin that deals with dermatological skincare

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena learning how to brew coffee in at guida drip bar

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena promoting dior beauty products

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena stands out in pic session she did in an open space

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena take her pci with her furry friend

Lorena Schuett aka lalinalena taking photo with a bouquet of flowers

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