Maria Pareja: Inspiring Fitness Journeys and Wellness

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Name: Maria Pareja / valkymary

Nationality: Spain

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: NA

Zodiac Sign: NA

Instagram / YouTube

Maria Pareja, widely known as Valkymary in the fitness world, is a Barcelona-based fitness enthusiast, trainer and influencer with over 108k followers on Instagram. Her journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle is not just a personal pursuit but a mission she shares with her followers around the globe.

While Maria enjoys activities like swimming, her true passion lies in sports nutrition and training. Her sculpted physique stands as a living testament to her dedication to a well-rounded fitness routine. Maria’s commitment extends beyond her personal achievements; she has initiated an online program catering to individuals aspiring for a healthier lifestyle. This program involves personalized meal plans and workout routines tailored to the specific fitness goals of each participant.

One distinguishing aspect of Maria’s approach is her emphasis on mindful nutrition and sufficient rest. She advocates for healthy eating habits, showcasing a disciplined and consistent lifestyle that resonates with her audience. Maria has forged partnerships with reputable brands such as My Vegan, My Protein, and My Supplements. Through these collaborations, she promotes the importance of protein workout supplements, especially for those engaged in weight training.

Maria’s knowledge of fitness comes from a variety of sources. She spends a lot of time on the internet researching the topic, reading a lot about it, and following fitness celebrities. Her brother, who frequently go to the gym, has also been a major influence on her fitness education. He provided insightful information about the purpose, usage, and functionality of protein supplements.

Behind Maria’s success is a robust support system, including her loving and supportive boyfriend, Adria Velasco. Their relationship serves as an anchor, reinforcing Maria’s commitment to her fitness journey. She also gets motivation by tracking her progress and doing monthly check-ins on her fitness journey. She keeps going since it gives her delight to see her progress. Additionally, she finds motivation in her improved physical and psychological wellness.

In the dynamic world of fitness influencers, Maria Pareja, aka Valkymary, stands out not only for her enviable physique but for her genuine commitment to promoting an achievable approach to health and fitness.

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Maria Pareja aka valkymary shares tip on how to stay consistent

Maria Pareja aka valkymary celebrating her 100k fans on instagram

Maria Pareja aka valkymary chilling in swimming pool

Maria Pareja aka valkymary having her favorite dish ravioli with mushrooms

Maria Pareja aka valkymary posing for her instagram fans

Maria Pareja aka valkymary taking photo with boyfriend adria.velasco

Maria Pareja aka valkymary taking selfie at the gym to check her body

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