Meet Kristina Alexandrovna : Model, Beauty Guru, and Globetrotter

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Name: Kristina Alexandrovna

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: March 20th, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Meet Kristina Alexandrovna, a striking Instagram model hailing from Russia, where her distinctive fashion sense and lifestyle have captivated over 22,000 followers. Beyond her modeling prowess, she stands as the creator of her own clothing brand, “The Camellia 19.”

For Kristina, the beach is not just a destination; it’s her source of energy and vitality. She lives her life in bikinis, often lounging on yachts, embodying the essence of coastal bliss. Her passion for fashion, makeup, and nail art is evident, as she effortlessly maintains her fresh and beautiful appearance.

Kristina’s high-maintenance lifestyle extends to her love for berries, particularly strawberries and blueberries. Her affection for flowers shines through as well, as she adores receiving lavish bouquets and sharing enchanting floral photos.

Deeply connected to her city, Moscow, Kristina dedicates Instagram highlights to introduce her followers to the city’s finest restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. Her online presence is a delightful blend of fashion, beauty, and the joys of Moscow living.

Kristina Alexandrovna dressed in pants by munai_official a top by the_camellia19 and coat by mato_leather_furs

Kristina Alexandrovna enjoying spring in a white dress from s.o.t.s.apparel

Kristina Alexandrovna excited about starting a new year

Kristina Alexandrovna holding her cute puppy

Kristina Alexandrovna in a cute dress from lim1e1ght

Kristina Alexandrovna in a little black dress from sweet_nigina

Kristina Alexandrovna in all black toring Mikonos

Kristina Alexandrovna in a lovely cover up from the_camellia19

Kristina Alexandrovna in a lovely white dress from s.o.t.s.apparel

Kristina Alexandrovna in a pink bikini from lavarice

Kristina Alexandrovna is ever stylish in any weather

Kristina Alexandrovna is really pretty her simple make look by anastaciamakeup and hair styled by kishisheva3

Kristina Alexandrovna leaving AVA Patriki after a nice lunch

Kristina Alexandrovna looking snatched in a red dress from marmaladka_stylish

Kristina Alexandrovna rocking a summer two piece from marmaladka_stylish

Kristina Alexandrovna rocks her channel bag with a cute animal print dress

Kristina Alexandrovna soft launching her boyfriend

Kristina Alexandrovna sun kissed looking so stunning

Kristina Alexandrovna takes a mirror selfie in a white set from munai_official

Kristina Alexandrovna wearing cute grey pants and a amtching top

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