Mila Cabrera – Model, Designer, Artist

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Name: Mila Cabrera / milacabrerar

Nationality: Colombia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: March 24th, 2003

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Instagram / Tiktok

Mila Cabrera, an Afro-Latina luminary, seamlessly converges the realms of modeling, artistry, and design, casting an ethereal aura that captivates discerning audiences. A multifaceted talent, Mila, exuding a bubbly personality, is born into a lineage steeped in beauty expertise. Her mother, Jazmine Soraya, stands as a luminary in cosmetics and personal care, while her fashion-forward sister, María Daniella, is the visionary founder of mdcr official.

A 2021 graduate, Mila graces prestigious runways under esteemed agencies, including Vault Management, Next Miami, and The Industry LA. Her canvas extends to high-profile brands like Realization Par, where she impeccably promotes their iconic dresses. She also proudly serves as a brand ambassador for Mdcr official. Beyond fashion, Mila’s artistic expressions manifest in poignant paintings advocating for social causes, exemplified by her impactful piece for the SOS Colombia movement.

Mila’s collaborations span a diverse array of brands, such as Puma, Urban Outfitters, and Lee Jeans, alongside noteworthy swim and shoe labels. Recognized with the Vogue Mexico scholarship in 2023, Mila ardently pursues Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni Miami. A fixture at events like Miami Swim Week and Casa TikTok, Mila transcends being merely a model, emerging as a cultural influencer with a penchant for Y2K style. She has an avid love for music, featuring artists like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Mila’s journey, adorned with her beloved canine companion Nala and travels to enchanting destinations like Costa Rica and Tulum.

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Mila Cabrera aka milacabrerar dressed in a pink crop top from garage clothing

Mila Cabrera aka milacabrerar in a makeup look by miss.jmua and a blouse from rachelrubi

Mila Cabrera aka milacabrerar in Manhattan wearing a cool fit on the train

Mila Cabrera aka milacabrerar rocking a floral bikini from forloveandlemons

Mila Cabrera aka milacabrerar serving body in her crotchet fit

Mila Cabrera at a Kali Uchis concert rocking braids by beautysbyjaz

Mila Cabrera is all smiles in a dress from sweetchilling

Mila Cabrera looking stunning in an all black fit in Los Angeles

Mila Cabrera promoting a fit from Puma

Mila Cabrera sunkissed flaunting her flawless skin

Mila Cabrera wearings mdcrofficial in Cali

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