Russian Model Anna Rybalko: Beauty Queen, Art Lover, Journalism Scholar

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Name: Anna Rybalko / anna_rblk

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Grey

Date of Birth: March 16th, 2004

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Instagram / Telegram 

Anna Rybalko, a shining star in the world of beauty pageants, hails from Russia. Her illustrious journey includes winning the prestigious Miss Glamour Russia title in 2020 and claiming victory at the Rostov Beauty contest in 2021. Her remarkable achievements continued as she secured a place in the coveted top 10 at Miss Russia in 2022.

While Anna pursues a degree in Journalism at Moscow State University, her true beauty shines from within. Her kind soul and tender heart drive her to utilize her Instagram platform for charitable endeavors, particularly in aiding children from the Rostov Center.

Anna’s multifaceted interests include a deep appreciation for the arts, as she frequents concerts, theaters, and museums. Her love for Renaissance art and her passion for travel have been beautifully documented in her Instagram highlights, showcasing her adventures across Europe in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France. Anna embodies both beauty and benevolence in her extraordinary journey.

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk giving classy vibes in a velvet dress

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk hanging out with her pretty mom

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk holding a bouquet of lovely roses on her birthday

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk holding the 2021 rostov beauty 2021 trophy in a and a make up look by nastya_sockor

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk looking cute during winter at MGU magazine

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk making cool poses with her dad

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk rocks a perfect summer two piece in Roston on Von

Anna Rybalko aka anna_rblk taking in all the lovely at pieces at muselouvre

Anna Rybalko carrying her younger sister

Anna Rybalko giving body goals in a cute black fit

Anna Rybalko happy to start her Journalism major at Moscow State University

Anna Rybalko having a blast in Italy

Anna Rybalko in a fluffy coat from themsu_

Anna Rybalko is in a white dress with a cute background of beautiful pink flowers

Anna Rybalko looking magical in a beautiful dress from

Anna Rybalko looking sharp in a red suit at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Anna Rybalko modeling for her first fundraiser in Roston on Don

Anna Rybalko posing in a cute black dress

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