Shome Keehn-Mskeehn: Nashville’s Fashionable and Influential Entrepreneur

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Name: Shome Keehn / Mskeehn

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Gray

Date of Birth: April 30th, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Meet Mskeehn, the captivating social media influencer and entrepreneurial spirit hailing from the vibrant city of Nashville. Known by her real name, Shome Keehn, she has garnered an impressive following of above 814,000 on Instagram, where she shares glimpses into her lavish lifestyle and thriving business ventures.

At the heart of Mskeehn’s entrepreneurial journey is her jewelry line, the Distinct Jewelry Store, which she affectionately refers to as her second home. Specializing in bracelets, rings, waist chains, and necklaces, Mskeehn has successfully crafted a brand that reflects her impeccable taste and style.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Mskeehn returns to the comfort of her home, where her affectionate bulldog, Georgie, awaits. This bond showcases her nurturing and caring side, providing a glimpse into the down-to-earth personality behind the social media persona.

Mskeehn’s expensive taste is evident in her glamorous posts, showcasing not only her exquisite jewelry but also her fashion choices from renowned brands like Gucci, Pretty Little Things, Yves St Laurent, and Christian Dior. Her curated social media feed extends to luxurious locations, runway shows, and high-end eateries, offering followers a taste of her sophisticated lifestyle.

Her interests span a diverse range, from a love for flowers to engaging in activities like horse riding, ice hockey, ice skating, and hiking. Mskeehn shares her fitness journey with followers, offering workout routines on Instagram. She delights in good food, often posting delectable dishes she enjoys, and even shares her culinary creations and recipes online.

Mskeehn’s jet-setting lifestyle has taken her to various destinations worldwide, including the Bahamas, Germany, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Vegas, and California, among others. Her travel escapades further contribute to the allure of her social media presence.

Beyond the realms of beauty and fashion, Mskeehn attributes her radiant skin to skincare products from brands such as CeraVe, Clinique, Skinaqua, and Uriage. Her makeup choices include NYX, Revlon, and Mac cosmetics, showcasing a well-rounded approach to beauty.

Deeply rooted in her Christian faith, Mskeehn shares Bible verses and spiritual motivational quotes with her followers. Her commitment to giving back is evident in her volunteer work at the Nashville Rescue Mission, fulfilling her dream of working with women and children and underscoring her selfless and compassionate nature. Mskeehn is more than just an influencer; she is an individual whose journey resonates with authenticity and a genuine passion for life.

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mskeehn at the gym promoting drinkbylt

mskeehn wearing romwe blue dress and distinctjewelryco

mskeehn wearing romwe outfit at alys beach

mskeehn in florida wearing orange dress from revolve

mskeehn smelling the rose wearing white dress from revolve

mskeehn wearing blue dress from zeagoo official

mskeehn wearing dress from lamour de soi

mskeehn wearing jewelry from distinctjewelrystore

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