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Name: Stephanie Hjelmeseth / Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth / stephhjelmeseth / StephanieLiu27

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: June 28th, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube

Stephanie Hjelmeseth , a Chinese content creator hailing from UC Berkeley with an economics degree, has carved a niche in the realms of fashion, beauty, and hospitality. She is the proud owner of Sua Superette, a culinary haven offering Sichuan grandeur in collaboration with Jing Chao.

The creative force behind Honey & Silk, a blog encapsulating style, travel, and more, Stephanie’s multidisciplinary background in literature, graphic design, fashion styling, and photography infuses a unique flair into her content. Partnered with Kyle Hjelmeseth, CEO of G&B Digital Management, and College of Influence, Stephanie and Kyle are a power couple gracing the pages of Angeleno Magazine.

As a devoted mother to their son, Jacob, Stephanie seamlessly integrates her mom life into her content, offering tips, and engaging Q&A sessions. Beyond the digital realm, she is a lifelong learner contributing to bilingual resources like Habbi Habbi.

Stephanie’s skincare passion aligns perfectly with her collaboration with Rhode, endorsing the ‘Peptide Glazing Fluid.’ Her commitment to wellness and beauty extends to skincare treatments at places like Rationale and The Beauty Sandwich. Partnering with brands like Rose Inc, she provides skincare routines for acne-prone skin, featuring daily regimens with Sturm, Royal Fern, and more.

An advocate for authenticity, Stephanie champions self-love and comfort in one’s skin. Her favorite movies, including Interstellar, A Ghost Story, and In the Mood for Love, reflect her eclectic tastes. Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in LA stands out as one of her cherished dining spot.

With inspiration drawn from Princess Diana, Carol Bessette-Kennedy, and Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Stephanie’s style transcends borders. As a frequent traveler she visits destinations like London, Napa, and Paris. Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in LA standing out as a cherished dining spot.

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Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth and her son feeling comfy in skims

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth at the goopxemiliawickstead collaboration event

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth dressed in a red blazer from Chanel

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka StephanieLiu27 and her family lounging in skims

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka StephanieLiu27 in a lovely black dress

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka StephanieLiu27 wearing a look from Ann Taylor

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka stephhjelmeseth giving power couple vibes with her husband

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka stephhjelmeseth has flawless skin

Stephanie Hjelmeseth aka stephhjelmeseth looks stunning in a brown dress from alc_ltd

Stephanie Hjelmeseth at a Nordstrom Garden Party wearing their dress

Stephanie Hjelmeseth in a white top from jennikayne and bag from therow

Stephanie Hjelmeseth rocking a classy dress from khaite NY

Stephanie Hjelmeseth wearing a black fit at a Roseinc event

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