Camelia Farhoodi – Model, Makeup Artist

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Name: Camelia Farhoodi / cameliafarhoodi

Nationality: Australia

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: June 13th, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / Tiktok

Camelia Farhoodi, a dynamic force in the beauty industry, has left a mark as a model and makeup artist. Managed by Precision Management, she seamlessly blends her talents, making waves in the fashion world. She is dating photographer and artist Ramsay Hosn.

Having graced the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, Camelia stands as a testament to her global influence. She reveals a penchant for swimming, turning it into both a fitness routine and a tranquil escape from her hectic lifestyle. In a revealing Q&A with Lahana, she disclosed her passion for the sport and how it intertwines with her dedication to self-care, contributing to her flawless complexion.

Camelia’s endorsements for Rhode skincare showcase her commitment to quality products. From Peptide Lip Tint to Glazing Milk, she advocates for a radiant beauty regimen. Collaborating with esteemed brands such as Lioness, Lancome, Dion Lee, and New Balance, her influence extends across diverse fashion domains.

Her travels to Berlin, Liban, Dubai, and Bali reflect a love for exploration, especially beaches where she collaborates with swimwear brands like Akoia Swim and Loleia Swim. A connoisseur of vinyl records, she curates a collection with eclectic artists and immerses herself in literature, delving into “A Popular History of the Arts” and Vogue fashion books. Camelia’s partnership with Luvaj and Mejuri showcases her affinity for unique jewelry, while her love for concerts, particularly featuring Christina Aguilera, adds a musical note to her multifaceted persona. Art galleries and thrifting on her global escapades further amplify her vibrant and diverse lifestyle.

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Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi at the National Gallery of Victoria

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi exploring Yucatan in a cool fit

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi giving mermaid vibes in El Cenote Azul

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi has a flawless face

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi has mesmerizing blue eyes

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi promoting Lancome products

Camelia Farhoodi aka cameliafarhoodi relaxing by the beach looking lovely

Camelia Farhoodi and her boyfriend enjoying dinner

Camelia Farhoodi and her boyfriend looking cute in Berlin

Camelia Farhoodi in a backless areyoami dress

Camelia Farhoodi looking stunning in a black dress and a red jacquemus bag

Camelia Farhoodi posing gracefully posing in an all white fit

Camelia Farhoodi rocking a dress from Raga Malak

Camelia Farhoodi rocking a necklace from yclcollection

Camelia Farhoodi takes a cute selfie in a simple makeup look

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