Tabia Ceja Lopez: Fashion Model and Lifestyle

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Name: Tabia Ceja Lopez / tabiaceja

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: June 22nd, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / TikTok / YouTube / Pinterest

Tabia Ceja Lopez, a fashion model from Arizona, USA, brings a relatable charm to her Instagram presence with over 63k followers. Graduating from Eller College of Management in 2021, she’s a testament to academic dedication.

Dance is her passion, and she marked her Instagram debut by celebrating National Dance Day in July 2016. Tabia’s love for travel has taken her to captivating destinations like Brazil, France, Spain, and Mexico, shared through her Instagram highlights.

Her knack for fashion shines as she promotes brands such as Tiger Mist, Urban Outfitters, Ohpolly, and Runaway, alongside showcasing stylish bikinis from Siempre Golden, Meshki Swim, and Beach Bunny Swimwear. Nail art is a personal interest she shares on her YouTube channel, where she also offers try-on hauls to explore fashion trends.

On TikTok, Tabia and her friends let loose with fun and casual dance videos. At the time of this writing, Tabia is in relationship with Andres Valencia. Together, they share passion for fashion and lifestyle. Tabia’s down-to-earth approach and relatable content resonate with her audience, making her an approachable influencer in the fashion world.

Another American model who has Cancer sign is Julia Hatch.

Tabia Ceja Lopez poolside perfection and party queen

Tabia Ceja Lopez aka tabiaceja bodysuit brilliance and confidence

Tabia Ceja Lopez aka tabiaceja mastering urban street style

Tabia Ceja Lopez aka tabiaceja elegance in every dress

Tabia Ceja Lopez aka tabiaceja dressing with flair in every dress

Tabia Ceja Lopez aka tabiaceja nautical glamour on the yacht

Tabia Ceja Lopez beachside beauty by the waves

Tabia Ceja Lopez sassy in summer shorts

Tabia Ceja Lopez stunning dresses and elegance

Tabia Ceja Lopez yachting elegance and luxury

Tabia Ceja Lopez yacht life girl and sailing adventures

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