Tina Yoshi Le: Cat Lover, Cosplayer, and Festival Fashion Enthusiast

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Name: Tina Yoshi Le / yoshibaby / LalalaGeeTina / Tinayoshile

Nationality: USA / Vietnam

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Grey

Date of Birth: June 1st

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Tiktok /  YouTube /  Facebook

Tina Yoshi Le, an Instagram and Onlyfans star, leads a vibrant life filled with creativity and adventure. With three beloved cats – Taiga, Cloud, and Grey – as her companions, Tina thrives on exciting experiences. She graduated in 2020 from Houston University. As a music enthusiast she frequently goes to concerts like Basscon, Beyond Wonderland, and EDC to groove to artists like Blackpink. Tina’s passion for cosplay shines through as she transforms into anime characters, from Ram to Yanfei.

An advocate for inclusivity, Tina participates in pride events and collaborates with festival fashion brands like Iheartraves, Dollskill, and Freedom Rave Wear. Her style extends to everyday wear, flaunting brands like Shein, Forever21, and Fashion Nova.

With a diverse content portfolio and partnerships with beauty brands like First Aid Beauty, Tina Yoshi Le’s online presence thrives. Her Instagram boasts 150k followers, another account with 101k followers, and TikTok fame with 75.4k followers and 1.2M likes – a testament to her creative prowess and magnetic personality.

Another model who has Vietnamese root is TingTing Lai.

Tina Yoshi Le aka LalalaGeeTina has colourful hair done by trungdoesmycolor and lashes by Houston lashes &PMU

Tina Yoshi Le aka Tinayoshile and her cat cloud at his birthday party

Tina Yoshi Le aka yoshibaby in Reiwatakiya Tokyo lifestle in a top from shien and skirt from forever21

Tina Yoshi Le at Dodger stadium for the blackpink concert

Tina Yoshi Le excited to satrt gaming in her pink jacket from technisport

Tina Yoshi Le aka LalalaGeeTina tours Paris looking beautiful

Tina Yoshi Le aka Tinayoshile excited at her 2020 graduation at Houston University

Tina Yoshi Le takes a cute car selfie

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