Yuliia Debolska: Blogger, nature lover, fashionista, and explorer.

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Name: Yuliia debolska / dankilove / yulia.debolskaya

Nationality: Ukraine

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: July 25th, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube / VK

Yuliia Debolska, a prominent Dubai-based blogger, has carved her niche in the world of fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her journey began with a bang, as her first magazine cover adorned the pages of Lisa magazine. Yuliia’s heart is captivated by the beauty of nature, especially the emotive power of waterfalls.

Her thirst for adventure knows no bounds, from thrilling parachute ski-based jumping in Georgia to perfecting her golf swing. Yuliia is also a cultural enthusiast, having explored the awe-inspiring Museum of the Future in Dubai and indulging in the artistic wonder of a Takashi Murakami exhibition.

As the owner of dankilove_showroom, Yuliia curates and sells an array of fashion fits. Her influence extends to being a brand ambassador for Invest Trends, offering valuable market insights.

Yuliia’s love for the beach shines through as she rocks swimsuits from brands like sizes.dubai and yoins. Roses hold a special place in her heart, and her globetrotting adventures have led her to enchanting destinations like Ibiza, Italy, Dubai, and Greece.

Her fashion choices are as diverse as her travels, featuring brands like Chanel, Ofpro, Oh Polly, Jimmy Choo, and Bella Bogart. Yuliia’s penchant for luxury shopping takes her to stores like Hermes, Valentino, Cartier, and Saint Laurent.

Self-care is a priority for Yuliia, who indulges in detox sessions at Palazzo Fiugg. Her love for good food and socializing keeps her active, making the most of life’s pleasures with friends. With a substantial following of 119k on Instagram and 256k YouTube subscribers, Yuliia Debolska’s influence continues to grow.

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Yuliia debolska aka dankilove has the perfect face and alluring green eyes

Yuliia debolska aka yulia.debolskaya and her mother looking gorgeous

Yuliia debolska aka yulia.debolskaya in a red top and denim booty shot

Yuliia debolska aka yulia.debolskaya savouring a cocktail at Monaco Cafe De Paris

Yuliia debolska is drop dead gorgeous in a black dress and CD bag at Gaia Monte Carlo

Yuliia debolska aka dankilove at the Invest Trends Dubai forum

Yuliia debolska looking cool exploring nature

Yuliia debolska on vacation in Lucerne Switzerland enjoying nature

YYuliia debolska aka dankilove at Novikov Ibiza Restaurant in a sick fit

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