Alena Borovaya: Art Enthusiast, Intellect and Entrepreneur

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Name: Alena Borovaya / borovusha / borovaia

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Gray

Date of Birth: NA

Zodiac Sign: NA


Alena Borovaya, widely recognized as Borovusha, is a multitalented individual whose talents span graphic and interior design, modeling, and entrepreneurship. A distinguished alumna of the HSE Art and Design School, Alena is also the creative mind behind U Alenushki, a venture that beautifully combines her love for art and craftsmanship.

Beyond her intellectual pursuits, Alena is an avid lover of the arts. With a passion for theater, she frequents plays, immersing herself in the world of dramatic performances. Her affinity for poetry is evident on her Instagram, where she shares snippets of verses that resonate with her. Alena’s feed is a visual journey, featuring her exploration of museums, eateries, and various locales, accumulating a following of over 144,000 on the platform.

Alena’s artistic inclinations extend to her role as a model, where she not only showcases her visual appeal but also expresses her unique sense of style. Having traveled to diverse destinations such as Milan, Greece, Moscow, France, and Germany, her Instagram becomes a canvas reflecting her global experiences, each post a piece of art in itself.

U Alenushki, Alena’s creative endeavor, is a testament to her dedication to art and craftsmanship. Specializing in handmade candles, the brand goes beyond conventional designs, offering a diverse range of shapes and colors. Through this venture, Alena seamlessly merges art, elegance, and creativity, bringing a unique touch to the world of handmade candles.

In essence, Alena Borovaya, or Borovusha, is not merely a graphic and interior designer; she is a living embodiment of artistry, intellect, and entrepreneurship. Her journey unfolds as a captivating narrative of a woman who seamlessly weaves together various forms of art, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

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Alena Borovaya borovusha going for a walk in milan italy

Alena Borovaya borovusha hanging out with her friend aylaraww

Alena Borovaya borovusha having a drink in moscow

Alena Borovaya borovusha having drink in paris france

Alena Borovaya borovusha let fans know that she misses them

Alena Borovaya borovusha went on dinner in milan italy

Alena Borovaya borovusha taking photo inside the vatican museums

Alena Borovaya borovusha taking photo on the balcony in saint petersburg center russia

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