Iren Tonkovich – Lifestyle Influencer and Fashion model

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Name: Iren Tonkoviich / irentonkoviich

Nationality: Belarus

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: NA

Zodiac Sign: NA


Iren Tonkovich – irentonkoviich, an Instagram lifestyle Influencer with a dedicated following of over 165,000, offers a glimpse into her world. With Olympia Gym and Spa as her fitness haven, Iren shares snippets of her workouts, creating an inspiring fitness narrative.

Her Instagram predominantly features stylish outfits adorned with brands like Louis Vuitton, Le San, and YSL, complemented by impeccable jewelry. Zhukovskaya salon, where she gets her hair done, is also among the brands she promotes.

Iren’s adventurous life has taken her to destinations such as Las Vegas, Paris, Moscow, Minsk, Warsaw, and Baku, where she explores renowned establishments like Yeni Lakanta Bar, Bloom eatery, wine and crab, MARBL, and Charlie Restaurant.

Beyond the glamour, Iren Tonkovich embraces outdoor activities, finding joy in horse riding and skiing. Her Instagram becomes a visual diary of a life blending style, fitness, and the thrill of exploration.

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Iren aka Iren Tonkoviich in a black dress from Le San

Iren reading a book in a library at Paris

Iren aka Irenetonkoviich posing for a selfie in a Louis Vuitton scarf

Iren posing for a picture in a white dress and black heeled shoes

Iren aka Iren Tonkoviich looking gorgeous in a green dress at Tresind Studio

Irentonkoviich shopping for wine in a white dress

Iren aka irentonkoviich out in the streets looking gorgeous in a green dress

Iren dressed in white at an art gallery

Irentonkoviich looking gorgeous in a black dress and YSL shoes

Iren aka Irenetonkoviich in a black dress and black boots at Yeni Lakanta Bar

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