Alluring Artist Darja Sobakinskaja: Travel, Dining, and Luxe Lifestyle Enthusiast

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Name:  Darja Sobakinskaja / Darivo_

Nationality: Russia

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel Blue

Date of birth: October 17th, 1991

Zodiac Sign: Libra


Darja Sobakinskaja, the Russian Instagram sensation, commands a following of 161k with her magnetic presence. A brand ambassador for Guess and Marciano, she effortlessly blends beauty and business. Armed with a background in PR management and professional painting, she reached the pinnacle of her education with a master’s degree in brand management from Paris.

Darja’s essence is adventure and freedom, evident in her globetrotting escapades to Dubai, the Maldives, Marbella, Mykonos, Paris, California, and beyond. Freedom is her creed, and friendship holds great value, with a vibrant circle of friends in Moscow. Italy holds her heart as her favorite country, and “And God Created Woman” is her cinematic delight.

Her allure extends to her love for bikinis, as she proudly flaunts her exquisite physique. A demanding travel schedule often leaves her drained, but nature’s serene embrace—leaves, waterfalls, birds, and the sky—offers solace and tranquility. Darja, the epitome of beauty and grace, lives a life both glamorous and grounded.

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ wearing cute outfit from

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ visting her favorite restaurant lapetitemaisoncannes

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ enjoying the sun in a swimming pool at marina bay sands singapore

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ enjoys a day of hiking at joshua tree national park

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ having beautiful day at antibes wearing classy dress from marciano

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ received a peonies bouquet as a gift from

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ visting la petite maison cannes

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ taking photo with a flower on her hair in dubai

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ having beach day fun in dubai

Darja Sobakinskaja Darivo_ taking photo in front of mirror wearing beautiful black dress

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