Natsuki Abe – I.am_Natsuki_ Instagram Star Sharing Her Travelling Journey and Promoting Brands

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Name: Natsuki Abe / i.am_natsuki_ / abenatsuki

Nationality: Japan

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: October 6th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Instagram / Youtube

Natsuki Abe, a Japanese native and Instagram sensation with over 1 million followers, offers a captivating glimpse into her world. Her Instagram is a visual diary of her journeys across Japan, a testament to her wanderlust and adventurous spirit. Through vibrant posts, she shares her culinary escapades, savoring diverse foods and drinks.

Natsuki’s love for fashion and makeup shines through as she passionately promotes both Japanese brands like Ricord, Jill By Jill Stuart, Younger Song, and Coco Deal, as well as international fashion giants like Valextra, Chloe, Zara, and Stella McCartney. Her impeccable style resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Beyond her fashion and travel pursuits, Natsuki is a devoted cat person, her feline companion even has its own Instagram page.

To further connect with her audience, Natsuki maintains a YouTube channel, sharing her makeup routines and offering room tours of her travel destinations. Her engaging content fosters a deeper connection with her fans, showcasing her multifaceted talents and love for exploration.

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ drinking smoothies while wearing cute outfit from dahliagsc

natsuki abe getting her headband from niita_official

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ drinkinig tea at ipc_lounge
natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ enjoys a beautiful day in aoyama wearing outfit from gu_for_all

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ getting her lashes done by eyeprolish11
natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ hanging out with her cat wearing outfit from gelatopique_official

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ looking happy wearing outfit from gu_for_all

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ wearing glasses from resee and top from zara

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ wearing spring outfit from celford_official

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ wearing white t shirt from gu_for_all

natsuki abe aka i.am_natsuki_ wearing winter coat from redyazel and bag from jilsander

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