Andrea Canchola Tv Host and Lifestyle Influencer

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Name: Andrea Canchola / andrea_cancholas

Nationality: Mexico

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: May 24th, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / Facebook

Andrea Canchola, a verified Mexican Instagram influencer and TV host with a substantial following of over 746,000, effortlessly blends lifestyle and fashion on her vibrant feed. Renowned for her role as a weather reporter, Andrea infuses her impeccable sense of style into both her professional appearances and Instagram posts.

Living an active lifestyle, Andrea showcases her fitness journey with workouts, volleyball, football, and triathlons like TriBjx70.3. Often clad in Nike attire, she exudes athleticism with grace. Beyond sports, Andrea’s love for animals shines through, adopting and caring for a stray cat and sharing delightful moments with other pets on her page.

Andrea’s love for nature extends to the beach, sunsets, the sky, and ice skating, enriching her Instagram with scenic beauty. Her travels include captivating destinations like Paris and Canada, adding an international flair to her content.

A versatile influencer, Andrea seamlessly integrates brand promotions into her posts, endorsing names like Nissan, Vicente Asador de Brasa, Figleon, Del Sol y Woolworth, and Mochomos Leon.

In a heartwarming touch, Andrea occasionally features her mother on Instagram, capturing moments of love, gym sessions, swimming, birthday celebrations, and playful games. Andrea Canchola’s Instagram is a delightful tapestry of style, fitness, travel, and the warmth of personal connections.

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Andrea Canchola as tv host for the wizard king

Andrea Canchola has sunbathing and wishes fans a happy weekend

Andrea Canchola looking at lunch menu in leon guanajuato

Andrea Canchola promotes vicente asador de brasa to her instagram fans

Andrea Canchola standing on a bridge in amsterdam in netherlands

Andrea Canchola taking photos in sunflower field

Andrea Canchola taking selfie in pink shirt

Andrea Canchola wearing red cloth her mom designed

Andrea Canchola working out her tricep

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