Lucia D’Elia – luciadeliaa Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer

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Name: Lucia D’Elia / luciadeliaa

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: May 27th

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Instagram / TikTok 

Lucia D’Elia, an Instagram influencer, has created a vibrant digital space for her audience. With over 119,000 followers on Instagram and over 27,700 on TikTok, Lucia shares glimpses of her life through captivating photos and videos. Her feed is a visual diary of her global adventures, featuring attractive travel destinations, mouthwatering cuisines, and sun-kissed beach moments, reflecting her love for the sea.

A fashion enthusiast, Lucia effortlessly blends style with comfort, often showcasing outfits from brands like Bershka, Ra Boutique, OS Sunglass and Damiano Parati. Beyond fashion, her promotional endeavors extend to collaborations with brands like Wow Tea Italy demonstrating her influence in the digital sphere.

Lucia’s diverse interests include photography, boat rides, exploring eateries such as The Ivy, horse riding, and traveling to destinations like Arizona, London, and California. Despite her active social media presence, Lucia remains committed to her academic pursuits, recently achieving a master’s degree from the Department of Modern Philosophy in Napoli on November 10th, 2022. This approach to life distinguishes Lucia as an influencer who effortlessly balances a dynamic online presence with academic excellence and a zest for exploration.

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Lucia D'Elia aka luciadeliaa in bikini enjoying a boatride in Italy

Lucia D'Elia aka luciadeliaa looking chic in flawless makeup and blue dress

Lucia D'Elia aka luciadeliaa looking lovely taking a picture at Ro World Cafe Bistrot

Lucia D'Elia aka luciadeliaa taking a picure in London

Lucia D'Elia in sports outfit holding a detox formula from Wow Tea Italia

Lucia D'Elia looking gorgeous in a blue dress from Silence Limited

Lucia D'Elia outside posing for a picture in a black dress from Boutique aiello italia

Lucia D'Elia outside taking a selfie in a blue green bikini

Lucia D'Elia Posing for a picture in red at The Ivy

Lucia D'Elia taking a selfie looking elegant wearing jewelery from Damiano Parati

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