Beyla Hughes: The Shy Latex Model and Star Wars Fan

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Name: Beyla Hughes / missbeylahughes

Nationality: Germany

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Amber

Date of Birth: July 27th

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Instagram / YouTube

Beyla Hughes, an Instagram Latex Model with over 165k followers, exudes a unique charm. Despite her online confidence, she openly admits to being a shy person, especially in direct interactions. What sets her apart is her distinctive elf-like ears, which led to her self-dubbed title, “Latex Elf.”

Her Instagram feed showcases a genuine passion for latex fashion, featuring latex dresses, catsuits, and toe socks. Beyla occasionally collaborates with latex brands like Latex Couture, Vivishine, Coucou Latex, and Simon O.

Beyond latex, she shares her love for the Star Wars movie series, with a soft spot for Episode 3 – “Revenge of the Sith.” Beyla’s authenticity and unique style resonate with her devoted followers.

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Beyla Hughes stuns with her latex dress collection

Beyla Hughes shines as the queen of catsuit couture

Beyla Hughes makes each comment with unforgettable latex wear

Beyla Hughes aka missbeylahughes boldly embraces star wars with her latex attire

Beyla Hughes aka missbeylahughes captivates in her cozy outdoor latex

Beyla Hughes aka missbeylahughes leads the way in latex fashion

Beyla Hughes aka missbeylahughes radiates confidences in her black latex dress

Beyla Hughes indulges in indoor allure with luxurious latex

Beya Hughes blends latex fashion seamlessly with nature

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