Carauii: From Artistry to Adventure, Unveiling a Unique Journey

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Name: Carauii / Cara / Carauiitang

Nationality: China

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: October 13th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Instagram / TikTok / YouTube

Carauii is a talented artist with a commanding social media presence. With over 174K followers on Instagram and 590 Subscribers on YouTube, Carauii is slowly growing her fanbase and career as an artist. The young artist loves traveling and exploring new places like Shanghai and Sanya in China, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles in the United States.

Whenever she travels, Carauii loves taking pictures and documenting her experiences with her online community. Carauii has documented several travel vlogs on her YouTube channel to help her followers relate to her experiences. Carauii has documented the Valentine’s vlog and travel vlogs in Sanya, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Since Carauii loves working out, she partners with HCCAfitness to ensure she stays physically fit.

As an artist, Carauii is also keen to help her followers in the beauty industry, for example, on how to apply vintage makeup. It is safe to say that Carauii is a diverse artist who doubles up as a fashion model. The beautiful artist has a pet dog named Mino, whom she adopted a while ago. She loves dressing Mino up and walking her around.

Carauii dressed in a cute black dress she got from Lockhimup

Carauii feeling happy celebrating as she turns a year older

Carauii in her dress that she got from Herchoiceee

Carauii looking beautiful dressed in an outfit from Cluet_official

Carauii promoting her beautuful outfit she purchased from Unfrnded

Carauii showing her love for nature especially fruit trees

Carauii spending her time staying at home

Carauii spending time with her friend and celebrating her birthday

Carauii wearing a cool yellow sweater from Nervis

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