Jaden Tyson Laing – Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur

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Name: Jaden Tyson Laing / Jaden Laing / jadentysonlaing

Nationality: Chile

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: October 8th, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Instagram / Tiktok / Facebook

Jaden Tyson Laing, a Chilean rugby player with Fijian roots, is a fervent advocate for health and fitness. From his early days as an amateur stunt performer recognized for scooter tricks, he’s evolved into a multifaceted professional. As a coach at See Change Nutrition and host of the Jaden Laing Podcast, he shares insights into fitness and nutrition. His clothing brand Laingstrong, specializes in gym, hike, and fitness merchandise. He also owns Tapa Printing Services, emphasizing sentimental value, Jaden embraces and upholds his Samoan culture, showcasing remarkable skills like the fireknife dance.

His rugby journey gained ESPN recognition in 2016, and in 2017, he played a crucial role in the Campbelltown City Kangaroos’ Premiers Cup triumph. Furthering his academic pursuits at Davenport University in Michigan, Jaden achieved a 3.8 GPA and earned a spot on the President’s List. Debuting for the Chilean national rugby team in 2019 and subsequently signing with the Western Suburbs Magpies in 2021, Jaden’s athletic prowess extends beyond rugby. A silver medalist in his first Strongman competition in 2022 and the Southwest Strongest Man in 2023, he’s proven his prowess in bodybuilding.

As an EHPlabs, Jaden endorses products like Oxyshred and Pride. Collaborations with brands such as Lotechgear, LSKD, Budgy Smuggler, charmgoals, Laingstrong, and Nike further showcase his influence. Outside the sports arena, Jaden enjoys hiking, passionately supporting the Kansas City Chiefs. He enjoys watching boxing matches, and exploring the world, having ventured to Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey. Unwinding at events like the Juicy Festival or Promiseland reflects his adventurous spirit.

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Jaden Tyson Laing aka Jaden Laing boat riding in Pileh Lagoon

Jaden Tyson Laing aka Jaden Laing hiking in Georges River Nature Reserve

Jaden Tyson Laing aka Jaden Laing posing next to a tiger in Phuket

Jaden Tyson Laing aka Jaden Laing visits The Treasury

Jaden Tyson Laing aka jadentysonlaing and his family at the Sydney International Airport

Jaden Tyson Laing aka jadentysonlaing enjoys a mouthwatering meal at Frankie B's

Jaden Tyson Laing aka jadentysonlaing rocking a shirt from evenicarruthers

Jaden Tyson Laing aka jadentysonlaing ready to play football in Jacksonville

Jaden Tyson Laing explores The Cave Nutrition Store

Jaden Tyson Laing in Phuket Thailand holding a elephant

Jaden Tyson Laing promoting EPHlabs products while wearing their merch

Jaden Tyson Laing rocking an all white fit with a touch of black shoes at La Luna Dining

Jaden Tyson Laing wearing a tank top from his clothing brand laingstrong

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