Claudie – __Claudie Lifestyle Influencer

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Name: Claudie / __claudie

Nationality: China

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Date of Birth: June 22nd

Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Claudia, an Instagram lifestyle influencer with a devoted following of over 44,900, offers a refreshing perspective on living a fulfilling life. Claudia finds joy in the simplicity of life’s pleasures. A dog lover, she shares her affection for animals, featuring her own canine companion on her platform.

Embracing an active lifestyle, Claudia immerses herself in an array of activities. From cycling and gym sessions to golfing and hiking, she is a testament to the idea that well-being comes from a diverse range of pursuits. Her explorations extend to captivating destinations like Joshua Tree National Park, Lanhai International Golf Club, and Lombok Island.

Claudia’s adventurous spirit is also evident in her diverse experiences, including deep-sea diving, mountain climbing at Rinjani Mountain, horse riding, fishing, and camping. Her wanderlust has taken her to Bali, Suzhou, and Kanasi, where she indulges in cultural experiences and embraces the beauty of diverse landscapes.

With a feed that reflects both the tranquility of nature and the excitement of exploration, Claudia invites her followers to join her in savoring life’s simple pleasures and embarking on thrilling adventures.

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Claudie aka __Claudie in black sports wear hiking on Rinjani mountain

Claudie posing for a picture by the waterfall in an orange bikini

Claudie aka __Claudie looking chic in white pants smiling for a picture

Claudie taking a mirror selfie at the gym in sports wear

Claudie out with two dogs smiling for a picture

Claudie aka __Claudie carrying a surf board at the beach

Claudie looking gorgeous in all black at the beach

Claudie aka __Claudie cycling with her dogs on the front carriage of the bicycle

Claudie aka __Claudie taking a picture with her dog while she is having coffee

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