Lexi Johnson – lexijwellness: Empowering Wellness Through Fitness Journey

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Name: Lexi Johnson / lexijwellness / lexij.wellness

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: July 1st, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Instagram / Tiktok  / YouTube

Lexi Johnson, a fitness coach, model, and esteemed 1st Phorm Elite athlete, embarked on a journey to turn her passion for fitness and wellness into a mission to empower others. A graduate of the University of Missouri in 2018, Lexi founded Lexi J Wellness, an online platform providing effective workouts, nutrition coaching, and a supportive community for both men and women. Family-oriented, she is the daughter of Stacy Smith and has two sisters, Ashton Sander and Carrigan Kayla. Lexi has been happily married to Brett Johnson since 2018, a relationship that began in 2015.

Lexi is not only dedicated to physical health but also advocates for mental well-being. Mindfulness practices, including yoga, meditation, and journaling, are integral to her routine. She relies on 1st Phorm products such as Level-1, Micro Factor, and Opti-Greens to bolster her health, immunity, and digestion. Known for her endorsement of 1st Phorm apparel, she praises the durability and coziness of their hoodies and leggings.

With a firm belief in the domino effect, Lexi emphasizes positive changes that radiate across various aspects of life. Her LJW podcast serves as a platform for motivation and insights, and also diverse topic from visualization to partner insecurity. Lexi’s love for reading, particularly books like “The One Thing” and “Own Your Everyday,” reflects her commitment to personal development.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lexi finds joy in nature and breathtaking views, often indulging in hikes at places like Brins Mesa Trail, Angels Landing, and Zion National Park. As a dog mom to Delta and Buttler, she shares glimpses of her personal life, including meal preps, grocery shopping tips, and inspiration from food content creators. Lexi’s dedication to empowering her clients, celebrating progress, and championing girl power has earned her recognition as the 1stPhorm athlete of the year at the Summer Smash 2023. Whether enjoying beach life at Honeymoon Island Causeway or cruising the waters of Marathon, Florida, Lexi Johnson embodies a holistic approach to wellness and a contagious enthusiasm for a fulfilling life.

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Lexi Johnson aka lexij.wellness and her dad on his birthday

Lexi Johnson aka lexij.wellness and her mom Stacy Smith

Lexi Johnson aka lexij.wellness and her sisters Janelle and Carri

Lexi Johnson aka lexij.wellness having in an outfit that matches her starbucks coffee

Lexi Johnson aka lexijwellness at her graduation in University of Missouri

Lexi Johnson aka lexijwellness at Loveland Estates looking snatched in her pink dress

Lexi Johnson aka lexijwellness enjoying her meal at The Delectable Egg restautant

Lexi Johnson aka lexijwellness has a lovely smile

Lexi Johnson and her husband at the 1stPhorm summer 23

Lexi Johnson and her husband looking cute at a friend's wedding

Lexi Johnson enjoying a boat ride with her husband at Marathon Florida

Lexi Johnson looking cute in cowgirl hat at Frisella Family Farm

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