Dr. Ilayda Simay Gul heals and embraces life’s adventures with passion

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Name: Ilayda Simay Gul / dr.ilaydasimaygul / ilaydasimaygul

Nationality: Turkey

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: June 23rd, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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Ilayda Simay Gul is a promising medical professional, having graduated from the BAU School of Medicine in June 2022. With her medical degree in hand, she is now a dedicated and compassionate practicing doctor, committed to making a positive impact on her patients’ lives.

Born to her mother, Muge Gul Anil, Ilayda shares a close bond with her family, including her sister, Simge Nur Gul, who owns the Simyfit Pilates studio. Their family connection is a source of strength and support in her busy life as a doctor.

Outside of her medical career, Ilayda is an avid traveler, with a passion for exploring destinations like Bali, Thailand, Phuket, Kabak Koyu, Italy, and Bodrum. She has a special love for her British longhair cat named “kedii_lucifer,” who undoubtedly brings joy to her life.

Ilayda is not only dedicated to her work but also to her personal style. She enjoys wearing fashion from brands like trendyolcom. For her medical profession she trusts brands like Owlet Medical Wear for scrubs and accessories like neck sling ropes from Stormi Store and hpcorsettr.

In her downtime, she appreciates the beauty of a well-arranged bouquet and cherishes the company of her family and friends. Ilayda Simay Gul is a doctor with a vibrant and well-rounded life, making a difference both in her medical practice and her personal pursuits.

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Ilayda Simay Gul aka dr.ilaydasimaygul on holiday at Zeytin Hotel Restaurant

Ilayda Simay Gul aka dr.ilaydasimaygul rocking a blazer trendyolcom

Ilayda Simay Gul aka dr.ilaydasimaygul with her mother and sister at Uskumru Restaurant

Ilayda Simay Gul aka ilaydasimaygul enjoying her time in Ruins Bodrum

Ilayda Simay Gul aka ilaydasimaygul has mesmerizing green eyes

Ilayda Simay Gul aka ilaydasimaygul in all black looking stunning

Ilayda Simay Gul dining at Kapari Bahce

Ilayda Simay Gul graduates from BAU School of Medicine

Ilayda Simay Gul so happy after getting her first pay check as a doctor

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