Ellen Everett: Author, Poet, and Visual Storyteller on Instagram

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Name: Ellen Everett / elleneverettpoetry

Nationality: USA

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: September 22nd

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Instagram / TikTok / YouTube

Ellen Everett, a versatile talent encompassing the roles of author, poet, and visual storyteller, has cultivated a dedicated following of 502k on Instagram. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Middle Tennessee State University, her educational background has helped her with illustration skills.

Instagram serves as her canvas, where she artfully shares and promotes her poetic works, including her two published books, “I See You as a Flower” and the uniquely self-designed and illustrated “If Hearts Had Training Wheels.”

For Ellen, poetry isn’t just a creative outlet; it’s her means of processing life’s intricacies and embracing the world. Whether nestled in her room or by the tranquil beach, she seamlessly intertwines her verses with nature, captivating her fans as she reads aloud. Ellen’s unique fusion of words and visuals creates an enchanting poetic journey.

Ellen Everett radiant smile illuminating sunlit art

Ellen Everett verses always inspired by great outdoors

Ellen Everett thoughtful pause where creativity and sunshine converge

Ellen Everett sun lit beachside chronicles poetry in the sand

Ellen Everett sun kissed crafty expressions artistry with no words

Ellen Everett sundown splendor poetry and evening serenades

Ellen Everett stylish serenity captivating style for an indoor glow

Ellen Everett rooftop retreat where verses meet the sky

Ellen Everett indoor oasis sun and creative comfort

Ellen Everett garage glamour where poetry meets style

Ellen Everett embracing sunset and reflective verses

Ellen Everett beachfront reverie smiles and verses in the breeze

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