Michelle Maria T.- Michelle.xt Туристический влиятельный человек

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Name: Michelle Maria T. / michelle.xt

Nationality: Germany

Hair color: brunette

Eye color: Blue

Date of birth: September 17th, 1998

Zodiac sign: Virgo


Meet Michelle Maria T. ( Michelle.xt ) – an independent, travel-loving woman who is not just surrounded by life and finances, but also passionate about exploring the world! She has gained popularity on Instagram with over 137k followers so far through showcasing stunning photos of herself at famous travel spots throughout her vacations.

Recently, Michelle.xt has shown her extreme excitement to show her amazing experiences in Vietnam. She is willing to spend a lot of time exploring all the magnificent features of this country. She’s also checked off well-known destinations like Bali, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Slovenia, Croatia, and Portugal. Michelle.xt as a nature enthusiast generously shares picturesque landscapes and unforgettable moments from her journeys across various countries.

Michelle Maria T. is a woman who enjoys having a simple lifestyle, which she reveals through discovering the beauty of life’s small moments. On holidays, she expressed her excitement about experiencing various cultures in different countries. Whenever Michelle Maria T. has the chance, she never hesitates to attend festivals, modern or traditional, to experience the community’s culture. Each event is a specific and special experience in culture for Michelle.xt. She takes pleasure in living in a vibrant environment, eating tasty local cuisine, listening to distinctive melodies, and watching unique performances.

The dark-haired beauty with a sun-kissed look that goes bold makeup is getting her a lot of attention. Michelle Maria T. is currently loving the chic outfits from @FashionNova, the go-to brand for Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and many other famous celebs. Michelle.xt effortlessly shows off her perfect curves in colorful dresses, giving off a confident and charming vibe without any effort. Her love for exploring, combined with her natural beauty is what makes her a lively and attractive person.

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Michelle Maria T having a beautiful day at a famous hotel in Bali

Michelle Maria T in a stunning pink maxi dress on the Virgin Bali beach

Michelle Maria T having cool adventures in Ha Giang Vietnam.

Michelle Maria T with her long black hair on Railay Beach Thailand

Michelle Maria T posing with the blue sky in Thailand

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt capturing the nightlife and city lights on Khao San Road.

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt rocking a hot outfit at Vietnam's Ha Long Bay

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt giving off a vibe of femininity and beauty in the sunlight.

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt having a relaxing floral bath showing her girly side.

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt transforming into a fairy in the garden.

Michelle maria t aka Michelle.xt looking amazing in a green dress in Bali.

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