Getting to Know Rajacenna: An Ambidextrous Artist’s Story

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Name: Rajacenna

Nationality: Netherlands

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Green

Date of Birth: January 24th, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Instagram / Tiktok / X / YouTube / Facebook

Rajacenna, the celebrated ambidextrous drawing virtuoso, has captivated the art world with her unparalleled talent. She has been featured in many magazines and TV shows locally and around Europe such as Girlz, Dutch Teenagemagazine, Kidsweek, MaximumPop,…etc. Her fame extends globally, with features in well-known publications such as The New York Times, DailyMail, NBC, and The Sun, and recognition by the New York Post.

Rajacenna’s artistic prowess shines brightly through her astonishing portraits of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Billie Eilish. Her collaboration with Sony Pictures, crafting five portraits for the cast of “Woman King,” and creating Owl City’s “Mobile Orchestra” album cover showcase her versatility and artistic range.

Locally, her work has earned admiration, with Mayor Bert Wijbenga visiting her studio bearing a bouquet of flowers. Even prominent figures like Mr. Beast have reacted to her captivating drawing videos.

Beyond her artistry, Rajacenna is a devoted cat lover, doting on her beloved feline companions, Tinkerbell and Isabella, along with her fondness for bunnies. Her multifaceted talents and love for animals make Rajacenna a true luminary in the world of art.

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Rajacenna and her cat tinkerbell looking cute

Rajacenna encoraging people to explore their creativity

Rajacenna enjoying fine art at the Dutch Museum

Rajacenna howing off the first foot paintings she made

Rajacenna looks gorgeous with her painting in the background

Rajacenna making art for the festive season

Rajacenna rocking a black tee with nice art

Rajacenna with an owl drawing for the Owl City's Mobile Orchestra

Rajacenna and her mother creating memories together

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