Ira Volkova: Ukrainian Artist, Family Woman, and Nature Enthusiast Extraordinaire

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Name: Ira Volkova /

Nationality: Ukraine

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: March 22nd, 1977

Zodiac Sign: Aries

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Ira Volkova, the celebrated Ukrainian artist, graces the global art scene with her vibrant creations. Her works find a home at prestigious galleries like the Redsea Gallery in Singapore and the Gamma Modern UA Gallery. With over two decades of marital bliss and two sons, Serge and Mark, her life is a harmonious blend of family and art.

Ira’s artistic journey began at the Kharkov Art College, culminating in her graduation from Kiev National Academy. Her canvases burst with life, portraying flowers, birds, still life, landscapes, and animals.

Beyond the studio, she embraces an active lifestyle, going on runs and hikes. Visiting flower gardens like the Lavender Field and the Ukrainian Garden fuels her floral inspiration.

Her passion for art transcends generations, as she enjoys painting with her children. Ira’s talent reached a wider audience when her work graced the cover of Magzoid magazine.

Her dedication to contemporary Ukrainian art earned her a prestigious medal in 2012, solidifying her place in the art world. That same year, she was honored with the title of one of the “Top 77 Most Beautiful Women in Ukraine” by Hallmarker in Art-Kyiv. Ira Volkova continues to inspire and captivate with her artistic prowess.

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Ira Volkova aka with her kids Serge and Mark and her lovely husband

Ira Volkova drawing inspiration from the Ukranian garden

Ira Volkova feels so happy to be at the Lavender field enjoying the nice views

Ira Volkova grateful for the massive support she received on International artist day

Ira Volkova in spring enjoying looking a the lovely magnolia flower

Ira Volkova loves being around flowers for painting inspiration makes a realistic painting of a deer standing next to her magnificent painting Spring glow

Ira Volkova aka feels more alive around flowers

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