Giulia Gheno – giulyagheno Fashion Influencer

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Name: Giulia Gheno / giuliaagheno / Giulia / giulyagheno / giulli

Nationality: Italy

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Amber

Date of Birth: August 30th

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Instagram / TikTok 

Giulia Gheno, a rising Instagram influencer with over 48,800 followers, curates a captivating feed that showcases a diverse blend of content. From brand promotions featuring Fruits&Jewels, Gio Cellini, Ghd, and Calvin Klein to occasional “get ready with me” snippets, Giulia shares glimpses of her stylish life.

Marley, her beloved canine companion, often takes center stage, capturing the hearts of her audience. Giulia’s passion for photography is evident in the frequent photoshoots that grace her Instagram, displaying a keen eye for aesthetics.

Her makeup perfection owes credit to makeup brands like Fenty, Dior, and NARS while her enviable hair owes its perfection to Linda Style Cdc. Giulia’s visits to places like Jashira Club, Gustificio, and Brunch Republic add a touch of wanderlust to her vibrant profile.

With a passion for both beauty, fashion and exploration , Giulia Gheno’s Instagram is a visual journey encompassing style, promotions, and the joys of life.

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Giulia Gheno aka giulli looking gorgeous in jewelery from Fruits&Jewels

Giulia Gheno aka giulyagheno posing for a mirror selfie with her dog

Giulia Gheno aka giulyagheno in black having food at Gustificio

Giulia Gheno aka in a black dress which she styled with sneakers and a bag from Gio Cellini

Giulia Gheno aka giulyagheno by the pool at Sandbeachsottomarina in a swimsuit

Giulia Gheno aka giuliaagheno having a photoshoot with Carlottaroverato

Giulia Gheno aka giuliaagheno looking chic in an outfit from Amy Noir

Giulia Gheno aka giulyagheno having pancakes at Brunch Republic

Giulia Gheno aka giulli taking a selfie to show off flawless makeup done by Rozi da Silva

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