Kallie Kurudzhy: Fashion Model, Artist, Creator and Global Brand Ambassador

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Name: Kallie Kurudzhy / kallies / en.luska

Nationality: Ukraine / Poland

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Brown

Date of Birth: December 1, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Instagram / YouTube  / Tiktok

Kallie Kurudzhy is a name that resonates with the worlds of modeling, content creation, and artistry. Represented by Uncover Models, a renowned modeling agency based in Warsaw, Poland, she has carved a distinctive niche for herself in the fashion and beauty industry.

Kallie’s online presence shines as she effortlessly promotes various brands. From showcasing the elegance of Monooc Jewelry to flaunting the latest fashion eyewear from Appassal, she seamlessly blends style and substance. Brands like Adidas, Pomelo Fashion, and Shamojparis find a captivating advocate in her. Kallie’s partnership with Versace for perfumes adds another layer of sophistication to her portfolio.

Beyond her modeling career, Kallie maintains an engaging YouTube channel. Here, she generously shares her makeup expertise, offering valuable insights into crafting the perfect look for photoshoots.

Kallie also has a separate Instagram for traveling and coffee. (kallies.view & kallies.coffee). Her passion for travel is evident in her content. She explores the world, documenting her adventures and, as an aficionado of coffee, she seeks out unique coffee shops in her travels.

Kallie states on her Instagram that she is a sunset person. Her love for watching sunsets by the beach underscores her appreciation for life’s simple yet profound moments.

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska enjoying a wine glass in Odessa Ukraine

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska in maccosmetics rocking contacts from ttd_eye

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska is pretty in pink

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska is the true definition of beauty

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska looking like a real life doll in a wedding dress posing for korean bride magazine

Kallie Kurudzhy aka en.luska modelling for twomanagementbarcelona styled by cuandoestamosbien1

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies and her brother on a sibling tour

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies does an editorial for alprocomunication styled by Anna Wang and make up by siikii_wsq

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies is stunning wearing a gucci necklace and ttd_eye contacts

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies posing in a cute suit

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies sunkissed in a cool coat

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies sure gets her loooks from her beautiful mom

Kallie Kurudzhy aka kallies taaking it back to the 70s in a great shot by nastyagerak

Kallie Kurudzhy looking bold in a red lip and simple make up look by yslbeauty

Kallie Kurudzhy advertising her versace cologne

Kallie Kurudzhy giving black swan vibes in her cute face beat

Kallie Kurudzhy in a cool hoody from feellowsophie_official

Kallie Kurudzhy in a make up look by clocasanovas.mkp and a fit by alejandra.bonm

Kallie Kurudzhy in jewelry from joseluisjoyerais make up look by yslbeauty and contacts from ttd_eye

Kallie Kurudzhy rocking her leather fit from lazynight.official

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